Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cares For Kids Radiothon

Today (Thursday, May 8th) is the 96.3 Radiothon.
Click here to listen to the interview

Daniel is part of this incredible event this year. We were asked to do a radio interview to share Daniel's amazing story - his journey through a scary diagnosis, and how he is overcoming some hurdles and still struggling in some areas. But with a lot of help and a lot of willpower...he will overcome his "disabilities".

The Radiothon is called "Cares for Kids", and the morning crew from the radio station will be in the South Towers of Beaumont Hospital (Royal Oak) all day to raise monies for Children's Miracle Network for the pediatric programs at Beaumont. The money will help various pediatric programs, purchase equipment and help families that aren't able to afford treatments for their children.

Luckily, we have pretty good insurance and we've been able to get physical, occupational and speech therapy with Daniel for more than two years so far. We are at therapies multiple times a week, so you can imagine that we know a few parents from the waiting room and we have some incredible therapists. I am not just saying this because of the radiothon. Look back in older posts and you will find that I rave about Daniel's therapists. We have been very blessed to get therapists that are the best. Daniel absolutely loves the people who he works with. They brighten his day, and I hope he does the same for their days! :)

If you are here checking out Daniel's web page because of the Radiothon - WELCOME, and thanks for stopping by! Feel free to look around, sign Daniel's Guestbook, leave a comment, say hello! Come visit us again, we like visitors :)

We have our up days and we have our down days....and we have our reflective days.....come along for the journey!

To make a donation to "cares for kids" click the link below:

Here are a just a few links that show the wonderful things Daniel has received and things he has accomplished because of Beaumont Therapies:

-Daniel will be getting a special needs bicycle this year which was funded by CMN
-Therapy updates
-Surgery at Beaumont's (newer) Pediatric Floor
-Power Wheelchair (a must watch!)
-Other great videos
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the 96.3 and Beaumont pages!!


Jacolyn said...

Oh Wow!! That is so cool!!

C said...

I'm glad you're documenting all this, because you know it'll look great on his resume. :o)

Go, Daniel, go.

Anonymous said...

that was a great interview. you did so well mum.
i wish they had a little of daniel talking... but what a great job. i'm so proud of you!