Monday, May 5, 2008


Daniel had Early Intervention today to get "evaluated" to see if he would fit into the POHI Preschool. I hate that acronym - POHI (Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired). Just bothers me for some reason. Anyways, the teacher and the occupational therapist from the preschool program that Daniel can potentially attend next year came to visit. Daniel of course was tired. Doesn't that always happen? When I want people to see how well he is doing he is tired and doesn't want to show his stuff! He did well, heck, I'm sure he was nervous! We walked into a room with all the adults and two new ones to boot! He was a little shy at first but then within a few minutes, he was smiles and eyelash batting away!

I can say that I am happy that they came as it gave me a chance to ask questions and get a little comfortable with the fact that my baby will be attending preschool next year! YIKES!! I think Daniel is more ready for it than I am. I am deathly scared. There are so many thoughts going through my head. It is scary to let a typical child who can walk and talk to go to preschool, but to send one off who is non verbal and non mobile, it VERY SCARY!! So, when the time comes, believe me there will be plenty of tears and anxiety attacks and they won't be from Daniel! :-) I'm sure I will need some type of medication to cope with the fact that there will be someone else with my child and its not me, daddy or another family member!

Both women were extremely nice, very informative and very sympathetic to mom's concerns! I learned that IF Daniel is going to this school, that he will NOT be the only child that is nonverbal. That there is a teacher and a couple para-pros there each day, and that the occupational therapist is there generally 3-4 days a week, so goes for the physical therapist. The speech therapist is located within the building and will work one on one with the child for augmentative devices if needed along with group time. It all sounds very nice and the teacher has personal experience with special needs, so that was also comforting.

I am sure even knowing all of this and getting warm fuzzy when talking with the woman, that I will most likely be camped out in the parking lot or sitting outside the door, just in case I hear Daniel's little voice and his little "Mawwwwwwwwwwwww" (mama!)

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Anonymous said...

Drew has his IEP with West Bloomfield on Thursday. :(

I know West Bloomfield is a good fit because I feel excited for him to go there. It felt right. You know what I mess I was with the idea of him going to a full-day/week program.

Hang in there - it will get easier... (I say this now - let's see how I feel as our first day of school approaches)