Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Talk about time slippin' away.!
Since we've moved and its just me and Daniel time seems to slip through my fingers like water.
He goes to school and you'd think I would have time to post, but I don't!  I have thoughts to do it, but then when it comes time there is something else that is more pressing to do.  
 So this year I have sucked at keeping up his journal.

Things are going well at school, knock on wood, he hasn't been sick.  Amazing difference from when we were in public school.  He is doing great, I am seeing a lot of little things that others probably wouldn't notice but I am ecstatic to see them!  He is going through another growth spurt.  Eating us out of house and home!  I don't mind!  Everyone says he's grown about two inches too.  When we started school in October he needed a little block under his feet when he was sitting at his plinth.  Now he doesn't.  In fact they said they needed to get him a taller plinth because his legs were too long!

We had our check up with the neurologist yesterday and he says Daniel looks great and we'll see you in 6 months again.  Possibly talking about taking him off his anti-seizure meds then.  Not sure how I feel about that!  We are scheduled for our routine 30 min EEG this week and then another VEP/ERG for his eyes (a requirement for being on his anti-seizure meds).  So cross your fingers and hope all goes well with those two tests!