Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bike Day!

Today was bike day through Beaumont Children's Physical Therapy.

What does that mean? Well I'll tell you!
Bike Day is when kids get fitted properly for the correct size bike helmets.
Bike Day is when the kids that are almost 3 years or old, that have the ability to learn to ride, get to go in and get measured and try out all the different special needs bicycles that are out there. A bunch of different vendors come in, you get to look around with the therapist and find which one best fits your child's abilities. They get you all set up and measured with all the bells and whistles, and special seats, handle bars, pedals, grips and such. a month or so..........your bicycle comes in AND are you ready?? Some of the kids get the bikes donated to them......meaning we get our bicycle for FREE!! The only promise you have to make is that you come each year to make sure the bike still fits your child properly, and if it needs adjustments, they will adjust it. If your child has outgrown his bike, they will replace it (again for Free) you just have to have taken good care of it, return it to them, they will refurbish it.......and give it to another child that needs it! (again for free!) Now tell me, how frickin' cool is that?!?!

Daniel got selected for a few reasons:

1) because he is almost 3 and has the ability to ride.
2) Because he was a "dance child" for the Dance marathon last month.
3) And partly because he has a really really good therapist, who takes good care of him when it comes to equipment.
4) Because he is just so damn cute! (my opinion only, and I can say it cause its OUR website!)

Daniel loves his new helmet so much that we had a hard time getting him to take it off so he ended up wearing it while walking in his Pony Walker today......


Justinich Family said...

What bike is he going to get? Evan will be getting one someday soon I hope. I love the discovery bikes I think they are by freedom concepts. I know they will both love the new experiences the bikes will lend them.


Jacolyn said...

That is awesome!!

Melissa said...

Yeah for the bike!!

The helmet is so cute and of course Daniel is too :)

Red Lotus Mama said...

How very cool! He looks adorable in his helmet. I wish I could get Little 'Ny to wear hers. She is only willing to look at it. Well, congrats on the bike!