Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photos.....Take A Gander

Here are some photos that I came across today while cleaning up the computer, and I wanted to share.

Daniel taking control of the remote and switching channels. A typical man.....always has to have the remote!

Me, my mom, and Lonnie. Just a few short months before my mom passed away in November 2007. God it sucks that she is gone. I miss her very, very much. I just want to lay my head on her lap and her "tickle" my face. She use to do this during my "breakdown" moments, which were happening more often than not! Even a couple weeks before she passed away I remember laying my head on her lap and telling her she better get better damn it! She didn't listen to me!
Here is my chubby-lumpkin of a grandson, Zachary. Don't you just want to squeeze those fat little cheeks?!

Another photo of all my children with my mom on her last birthday. I am so glad that each of my children got to experience having a grandma as awesome as my mom was. She touched each of their lives in so many different ways. She was a great person to talk to, she would listen and never give her opinion of what she thought unless you asked her too. She was all for letting you make your own mistakes and she never threw it in your face when you went back to her. I am just sad that Daniel probably won't be able to remember her as he was so young, but when she was around he was always laughing at her, she would tickle his tummy and he'd giggle uncontrollably......he knew his grandmother, and he loved her.

Remember that the 3-Day Breast Cancer walks are going to be happening all over the US. If you can, please donate and support me. If not me, that is fine just donate directly if you'd like. If you'd rather not donate online you can click here to download the form and mail in your donation. Don't let another person go through what my mom did. Don't let another person lose someone like I had to because of breast cancer. I will tell you first sucks beyond belief!


Jacolyn said...

Okay...that is a HUGE remote!! Maybe I would never lose that one :)

Great photos of your family and mom.

Anonymous said...

It does indeed suck Melanie. I was again going to call mom tonight and tell her to get ready to get in the hallway cuz the storm was coming.....again!