Saturday, April 19, 2008

Can You Say.............DUH!

For the very first time ever, I think I forgot to "photo-document" a big thing with Daniel! I am so very ashamed, I can barely hold my head up high anymore! Sheesh, what is this world coming to when the mother of a handsome little boy have not just one cute little girl over, but TWO cute adorable little girls over to entertain her son, And said mother forgets to get photos!!

These two special little girls were both preemies, and they both have the exact same diagnosis as Daniel. Let me repeat that......cause I'm still amazed. They all have bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria and the added disagnois of Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy.

I believe Daniel is the old of the three, then Ruby and Maeve. Daniel originally met Maeve last year when we tried out conductive education in Grand Rapids. Which seems to be doing really well for Maeve and her mom (Kara)
Kara was kind enough to tell me that she met another family with the exact diagnosis but that are from Michigan (rather close I might add!) so they also stopped by..Her name is Ruby and her mom is Jody.

It was so nice to get together with other parents that know what you're dealing with and can understand the fights and arguments that go on. The frustration levels that grows so quickly.

The girls were the cutest little girls.......and of course I was so into them and everything going on that I forget to get a photo. I only got one of Daniel and Maeve (and I forgot to ask if she'd mind if I used the photo on the web, so until I get the ok I wont' do it. But I will hint that it is a very cute one! Its nice to bounce ideas off other parents going through the same thing......or experiencing the same stuff so so to be experiencing it.

Come to find out that Ruby might actually be going to the same special needs preschool that Daniel will be attending next year. Which would be oh so exciting!! Its Nice to meet the parents of kids with the rare brain malformation that they have. When Daniel was diagnosed 2 or so years ago, there were only 40/60 known cases, so to be able to find two such wonderful mom's and their kids that are close.........

Anyways Duh! I forgot to get a photo of all three of the kids.
Well just wanted to say thanks Kara and Jody (and Kara's mom) for bringing the girls over to see us.

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Justinich Family said...

Wow, Melanie that is so awesome to have found two girls with the same brain malformation in your area. I would love to find someone in our area. I would move close to you guys but California just has great benefits for special needs kids. I am so glad you have found this type of local support it is so great.