Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Magic Bullet

I'm sure all of you have heard of this little product, and all I can say is....IT IS AMAZING for what we need! As you may have read in prior posts like here, here, and here, Daniel's feeding times have been a touchy subject. We have decided (as you have read) to continue to feed Daniel and plump him up a bit. Up until the past few weeks, we had been primarily feeding Daniel jars of baby food (stage 1 and 2). He was getting very tired of the tastes (bland) and he was always watching us eat our food with that look of "I want THAT." So, we started to add BBQ sauce, A1 or other sauces to it to liven it up a little. This was our solution for a couple of weeks. Then he caught on! This leads me to the high praises for our latest purchase of "The Magic Bullet". (We didn't get it off the website site, but found it at a local store for a lesser price!)

This bad boy can take anything and blenderize (not sure if that is a word or not, but I like it!~) it to just he right consistency for our soon to be chubby lumpkin. And thanks for every one's comments and suggestions in prior posts, we are getting in tons of calories. Daniel is eating with more enthusiasm and, for the most part, eating everything that we are. He is just getting the extra butter or heavy whipping cream or oil (sick!). Over the past week he's eaten chicken pasta Alfredo, scrambled eggs, sausage & pancakes with syrup, spaghetti and meatballs, baked beans with hot dogs, and a home made 7 layer burrito supreme! So, as you can see, he is getting a tastier menu and hopefully gaining some weight and enjoying his food more!

Oh, and before I forget to mention.....he hasn't choked or aspirated yet! (Knock on wood!) And yes, I am taking the Magic Bullet with us to Florida next week! I don't know that we could manage without it anymore. Such a nifty little product.


Melissa said...

Have a great time at Disney you guys!!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!

Justinich Family said...

I totally want to get one of those for Evan. I am so glad to hear that Daniel is expanding his cuisine. Have a great time in Disney, I will anxiously be awaiting pics as well.

Anonymous said...

New reader the site! The bullet sounds you just put the foods you listed in there and blend it to a more liquidy form? My daughter is special needs and needs to eat more..shes 35 inches and 22lbs.