Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pa Pa Potty Time!

I think we've FINALLY got it.
Not that Daniel didn't understand it, I totally blame myself.  My lack of bringing him to the potty.  My lack of time management.  He has been going on the potty when I put him on it for ages.

I mean I've written about it way back here and an even older post here
In all actuality it was ME that needed the training.

So a couple weeks ago when we were home for an extended amount of time, I decided that THIS was the time. 
*I purchased this little doodad of a watch for him to wear.  The Potty Time Watch
* Dug out our potty books.  Have You Seen My Potty is my all time favorite
*Purchased some Silly Bandz.  I think they should make some for potty time but I didn't find any! :)

I set the Potty Watch to go off ever 60 minutes at first.  When I heard the music I knew it was time to stop what I was doing and take Daniel to the potty seat.  He has his own potty chair
We'd read his book or watch a little video, and he would always go potty, even if it was just a little tinkle, I could tell he was trying.  So every time he went on the potty he would get to pick from the silly bandz and we'd put it on his wrist.  Throughout the day I'd count his bracelets and we'd talk about how many I think he could get.  He thought this was fun and got into the mode of going potty and getting a band.  At the end of the night we'd take them all off and start over again in the morning.  And YES he stays dry though the night and pees instantly when I get him on the potty.  Most of the time before I even get him buckled in!!

So now, I am proud to say that Daniel is the proud owner of "big boy" undies with dinosaurs on the butt, and he even has his own little tightie whities!!  When we go out we are still putting on diapers until I figure out how to be "safe" when we're out and about.  Considering he is non verbal he really doesn't tell me he has to go, its just a matter of the every two hour schedule.  We havent' had many accidents but there are a few, as daddy and his wet lap! :)

Now the real test is seeing how he will do at school in a month!  I have a feeling I will be sending multiple sets of "extra" clothes for a while.

But I am proud to say that I am now potty trained, as Daniel was ready a LONG time ago!

Here is a link to information about potty training children with special needs


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Melanie!

Anonymous said...

That's great! congrats!

Claire said...

Hooray! Well done. These pants and mats may help when your out and about.

Katy said...

FAntastic! You know, some people left some fantastic comments when I posted about potty training earlier this summer. Great stuff on how to use public toliets and everything.