Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Boy!!

We have been trying (half hearted or less) to potty train Daniel. Every morning before school about 20 minutes after he wakes up, I've been putting him on his potty seat. Then again at school the teacher puts him on at around 10:30. Sometimes he'll go pee-pee at school. Well EVERY morning when I put him on the potty he pees, and I make a big production out of it. I sing a special song that the whole family knows (and will sing to him!) and he gets to pick out a sticker. This is fun for him.

Well this morning I put him on the potty and he tinkled so I started to pick him up to get him dressed and he started to really fuss. Well just because he is non verbal doesn't mean he can't get his point across! So I promptly figured out he wanted to sit back on the potty, so I put him back and figured he still had to pee.....which he did, but he also went #2. Now, I don't generally celebrate when someone goes to the bathroom but the fact that he made a point to let me know he wasn't finished, and he went poopy on the potty.......THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!!!
He's gone pooh on the potty before but always because I could tell he had to go and I put him there. He let me so many words!

So he got TWO stickers. Yes two because I was so proud of him, and I kept telling him so all day long. He probably was thinking, "Sheesh, I just sat on the potty. Are we going to throw a party every time for Pete's sake!!"

I know you guys are probably shaking your heads and saying....."geez o'peas, this girl needs a life!"
Well I will further embarrass myself and tell you I don't have much excitement in my life because I actually got a little teary eyed afterwards!!! LOL


Keri said...

Hey, I'd of cried too! I tell you what, it's the littlest things in life that mean so much! That's a very important life lesson Logan has taught me. Not to take any thing for granted. He's taught me well!

Superb job Daniel! I'm loving two things here. One, the fact that he is communicating despite not being able to talk (believe me, I know all about this). Two, he showed number 2 whose the boss! Very exciting!

When I get Logan's potty chair (waiting for insurance), I'll be ripping off your sticker idea! Fabulous post!

EMBelieve said...

No reason to be embarrassed. Your Daniel is a Big Boy! Way to go...keep it up.
Have a great trip on your next ABR training.

Jennifer said...

That's awesome. GOOD JOB DANIEL! You'll have to tell me how you are potty training him. Since both of our boys are non verbal, I'll need to know for next year when Tyse turns 3. Daniel is an inspiration to me. He gives me so much to look forward to in my own son.

Great Job Daniel! I'm so proud of you!

Justinich Family said...

I would have cried too! Evan is not there yet and he is too big for a conventional potty chair so we have to get an adaptive one. Way to go Daniel!

Sander said...

Way to go Daniel!!! What a big boy! That is awesome, I know when my niece is potty training I'll make a huge deal out of it because it is such a big step!

Erin said...

WTG Daniel!

MeghatronsMom said...

We too had huge potty parties.

What am I talking about HAD?!?!

We still have potty problems here. We just did "10 days to Tink Shoes".

That is so awesome Daniel! I can hear you celebrating all the way down here!

C said...

Are you kidding? Party down with the big boy. Woot!

Bird said...

Man, I can't even imagine a point in life where I'm not changing Charlie's diaper. Does that make me a bad mom?

Woohoo for Daniel!

JoAnn said...

Wow!! I definitely would have cried....I'm actually getting teary-eyed right now! As much for the successful communication as the successful #2!

What a BIG BOY you are Daniel! Way to go!!1

AshleyS said...

awesome news! wish we could get there with Clayton!

laila said...

WTG DANIEL!!!!!!!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

Jessica said...

If you need a life, than I do too because this is one of the most exciting posts I've read in a long time. Tell Daniel... I'm so impressed!