Thursday, January 10, 2008

Potty On Dude!

Today was a monumental day at Daniel's household.

I am so proud of Daniel (and yes I know it is over a silly thing) but I believe it is note worthy.

Today for the whole day.....Daniel did not wet his diaper. Even this morning when he woke up his diaper was dry.

No worries.....he was still going potty except (are you ready for this?)


Now, for those of you who don't know, this is pretty awesome as

1) Daniel cannot walk, so he is waiting for me to put him on the potty chair.
2) Daniel is non-verbal and can't let me know that he has to "go"
3) Daniel does not know how to do the sign for "potty" yet.
4) and just because he is Daniel!

I seriously think he is waiting for me to put him on the potty before he goes! maybe I'm reading a little too much into it, but I personally think it is pretty awesome!

Now, for the really big big news........He went #2 also!!! of course I should have known because he was looking at a magazine, that he was going to be sitting there for a few minutes! was note worthy.

Lets just see if we can keep it going, tomorrow he have a very calm day with only Early Intervention...and then the weekend, so we'll be home for 3 days.....more time to practice.

Gosh.........I am not thinking of all the diapers I could not change anymore......and the money we could save to go towards something else! Cross your fingers!


Michael said...

Good Job, Daniel.

Melissa said...

"potty on dude" haha I love it!!!

Way to go Daniel!!! Keep it up!!!

Jacolyn said...

alright!!! That's wonderful!! Grace has been using the potty at conductive ed this week...i couldn't believe it. I think she's going to be potty trained before Mack and Sophie.