Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Testing Day - UPDATED 4:30 PM

This morning bright and early we reported to the EEG department at Children's Hospital to get another EEG. (At least this time it was only 30 minutes and not the 24 hour one!)

Regardless of how long the test is .....Daniel STILL does NOT like it! Never gets any easier does it!?

After the man stopped handling his head and he got use to being taped down to the table and not being able to move his arms, and The Wiggles video on........he was much better. But just let me ask you this question: Would you, as an adult, not cry too if you were taped to a table and couldn't' move?!?! OK then......

We came home for Daniel to take a nap and get the goop washed out of his hair. Then we go back to the hospital to see his neurologist and his dietitian today. Cross your fingers and hope the EEG came back clear again, and that Daniel has gained some weight since last month! Gotta fatten this boy up some. Right now he is long and lean.

Check back later today for more updates.

UPDATE: The Test Results Are In...............May I have the Envelope Please..........

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

No seizure activity, no Hypes, no nothing bad!!!!!! An Appointment where NOTHING BAD was discussed!!! We left with an A++++. Lets revisit the last time this happened!!

We are going to keep Daniel on the Vigabatrin until the next visit in 4 months and we will discuss weaning at that time.

Oh yeah, and he gained 1.5 lbs since his last weigh in 5 weeks ago! Yay!


Melissa said...

Oh the poor little man!!! I would be freaking out too.

Billie said...

Glad to read the awesome news!!!!!!

C said...

Woo Hoo!!!!! Go Daniel!

(Q's cheering too, through his yogurt.)

Hugs to the little (big) guy.

Anonymous said...

Grandma is clapping and smiling down from heaven and blowing kisses to Daniel!