Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Seat for Daniel

Today we got the delivery of our new Jenx seat. (Click the link if you'd like to find out how this can help Daniel!)

We bought it used from one of the other little boys in our Yahoo Support Group.

He outgrew it, so now Daniel gets it!!! Thank Goodness the parents were parting with it because I don't think we could get any equipment approved right now from insurance as we are still trying to get the Power wheel chair to get approved. If not, I'll let everyone know when we are auctioning off our house and my first born child to pay for it!

Anyhow back to the new seat.

Well we could barely get it out of the box and Daniel was wanting to try it out. He loves new things!

So here are some quick photos before all the adjustments need to be made. I have to find the manual and download it from the Internet but heck that will be easy enough I hope!

So for now, I just leave you a photo of how well he sits up in this seat..........I'm impressed. It was lucky because we were sure it was going to work and for how long, but we will be sue to make certain another special needs family gets it after Daniel outgrows it!



Melissa said...

That chair is awesome!!! and may I say EXPENSIVE! Good thing you got it used. Man, why does everything have to cost so much?!

Daniel looks like he will enjoy it though. He is so cute! Just want to squeeze him! lol

Anonymous said...

hey why me up for auction? i think i have a sister at central who would be much better.

Melanie said...

HA HA HA- Cause I know whoever took you would return you within a week cause you're a pain in the butt! HA HA HA HA

-Love ya!!

Jacolyn said...

That's an awesome seat! And look how great Daniel looks in it! Way to go!