Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Daniel the Explorer

Well yesterday, the deal went down at McDonald's, and Daniel got his goods! HA HA HA! In a previous post I told of a woman who was willing to sell AND deliver some equipment that we wanted for Daniel. We were going to meet at McDonald's less that 2 miles from my house, I was going to pay her and she'd give me the "stuff". Well Stacey, I can't say thank you enough. Daniel will get plenty of use from these items. So far all we have tried out is the Pony.
Yesterday he was in it for about an hour and he wasn't real sure what to do but he liked being in it. We hooked a jump rope to the base and gentle pulled him to give him the idea that he needed to step to get it to move.

Today, he was in it off and on all day for about 5 hours! And he figured out how to move it himself, maybe not running but definitely figuring out how to maneuver it around. This child never ceases to AMAZE me. Then out of nowhere Daniel becomes an octopus....arms and hands ALL OVER THE PLACE... he discovered that "HEY.......I can reach the top of the telephone stand.......HEY, my favorite thing, the telephone, lets grab that!...........HEY is that FOOD? Did you leave the pantry doors open??? Let me get that for you!! HEY, who is that cute little boy (his reflection) in the dishwasher??" Hours and hours of Daniel walking around pulling things off the refrigerator, off the table tops, changing the channel on the TV, and adjusting the volume!
Its very cool that Daniel can move around, it makes me proud, but what's even cooler, is that he can EXPLORE his environment, play with things, ON HIS OWN, without me guessing what he wants. He can get there on his own, and he has the desire to want to see what things are and to investigate. TRULY AWESOME.
Thank you Stacey from Richmond Virginia.
Stay tuned for more to come of "Daniel and his Pony"


Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it. I bet Daniel is all ready to explore the world around him. I'm so glad he has the opportunity to see what is around him independently. Thank you Stacy for helping Daniel to acheive some independence. Yea!- sister caitlin

Kathryn said...

Daniel is a superstar!! That is so great that he took to it immediately!!! I am so happy for him! Go Daniel!!!

Jacolyn said...

Wonderful!!! I'm so glad it is working out!! We pick up Grace's gait trainer next week. I hope it goes as well.

Billie said...

WOOHOO! I am so happy for Daniel, and for you. Eden was the same way when she first got hers, and even now. She always wants to open the cupboards and refrigerator, and pull things out, and push every button she can find. I remember thinking WOW, this is what she's been wanting to do the whole time...the same things as her sister. It is a whole new world for them, and a chance to experience more of "normal" toddlerhood:)

Congrats Daniel!!!