Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yesterday was our first day back to therapy, it went well and he wasn't opposed to doing anything. We also took the Pony in for Ms Carol to adjust (and approve). She wasn't real thrilled with the Pony, its not her favorite one but she said as long as we alternate between the Pony and the Rifton Gait trainer we'll be OK. So its a deal!

We also went to the doctor because ever since Daniel was a wee little lad, he gets boogery eyes in the morning, and ALWAYS has these huge boogers in his nose (more than I have ever seen in any of my other children). We actually have to go in and remove them.....this procedure is called in our family a "boogerectomy", so that he can breathe. I have always wondered if the eyes and the nose issue are connected and perhaps that they didn't develop correctly somehow. Anyways the ped. said that Daniel will probably need to have his tear ducts probed. Excuse me? he has to have what probed? OUCH. Does that not sound like the most painful thing? So of course I ask how this is done, where it is done, and who does it, does it hurt?. I didn't like the answers to any of the questions I asked!

First, they numb the eye sedation (OK that means Daniel can move and squirm.....with someone who has a probe by his eyeball?) Second, its done in the office (YIKES!), Third, the eye doctor does it (OK not Daniel's eye doctor. He's OK to examine his eyes every 6 months but he is old and he is semi shaky and I can't imagine him with a probe at Daniel's eyeball!) and does it hurt.............HELL yea!

I Think NOT! I've got to work up to this procedure....until then, we'll have boogery eyes in the morning.

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