Saturday, July 14, 2007


Let me first start this off that this is not about Daniel, just a little ditty that happened.

So for months now I have had no sense of smell. NONE. Don't know why, just one day it was gone. The kids and the rest of the family will say things like, "Smell this doesn't that smell nice?" and I'll kindly remind them that I'm sure it does but I can't smell. Or "oh mom smell this food, doesn't it smell delicious?" Perhaps it does....I can only guess

So on with my story, remembering I smell nothing. I am trying to get my house cleaned for a big graduation party for Brittany and Brandon tomorrow. So I am cooking many different things and cleaning. Child walks into the house, no more than 5 steps, and this is how it goes

Child: "What is that rank smell?"

Me: "No clue, what does it smell like?"

Child: "Like nasty, gross"

Me: "Care to be a little bit more specific with that?"

So I start to walk around the house, looking for what the stench could be....because I CAN'T SMELL....."well does it smell like food?" as I am having her smell the different foods I am making.NO. "well does it smell like gas? Maybe there is a gas leak?" as we walk over to the oven. NO. "does it smell like garbage?" NO "well come on, help me out here." We go backand forth for about 5 minutes with me asking questions her telling me NO.

Child: "It smells like ass"

Me: "Excuse me? what exactly does ass smell like? Because I don't think I've ever seen you smelling any ones butt!"

Child: "I don't know exactly, it just smells like ass. OK I gotta go, love ya bye
and out the door she is gone. Leaving me, the non-smeller of the house to figure out what the heck smells, and get it fixed BEFORE a graduation party!

UGH, so I continue to search for the mystery smell and playing with Daniel in his jumper and figure someone will be there to help me figure out the smell that is filling my house. Daniel starts to get a little cranky, so I take him out of the jumper.......and well I'll be damned! There is the culprit of the smell of ass! Or as we parents call it......a poopy diaper! This I suppose could be a benefit of a a nose that cannot smell! ;)

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Jacolyn said...

That is too funny! Sometimes I wish my sense of smell wasn't quite so good. I've even gotten to where I can tell which one of the trips is dirty by the different odors. Yuck!!!