Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Medication Update & The Pony

OK, so we are on our second night of the medicine change, and maybe its just me but today Daniel seemed like a new little boy! Full of energy and VERY vocal.

Last night instead of the 750 mg of Vigabatrin, we were instructed to start the wean and go to only 500 mg of Vigabatrin and the 50 mg of Zonegran. Granted, I wanted Daniel back to his happy self, but I don't want the seizures. So, we watched very carefully this morning (his normal time for seizures) and there were none......(counting our blessings..1, 2, 3, 4, 5....). And, like I said before, maybe its just me, but I thought today he seemed to be a little more of his old self. So, we'll hold our breath and see how tomorrow goes.

Is it possible to have a smart-aleck so young? Can an almost two year old be a smarty-pants? Sometimes I wonder with Daniel. He just has that look about him........and it frightens me. LOL
I think he shall be taking after his father!

So, we have seen little Eden from the twins "Holland & Eden" using a Snug Seat Pony gait trainer. It seems like it is very lightweight, and I don't think Daniel is strong enough yet to consistently move the gait trainer we have (Rifton Pace). So, I began a search to see where and how much these things will cost. I know our insurance will not pay for another gait trainer as we have the Rifton already. So, after a few days of digging, I found a Yahoo Group called Special Child Exchange (no, we are not swapping kids!). This is a place for parents that have special needs children to buy, sell or trade equipment they are not using anymore. And lo and behold, I found a woman from Richmond Virginia who happens to be traveling to Traverse City in the next couple of weeks and she has a Pony gait trainer! She is selling us the one she has that has only been used a few times and for about an eighth of what it costs new! And she is going to deliver it too!! I can't wait! I hope it will work for Daniel. She also has a few other pieces of equipment that I've been looking at for a while. Pretty soon you'll be able to call our house the Medical Equipment Warehouse!

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