Friday, June 18, 2010

More Apps

In my constant search for things to help out Daniel communicate, I came across this blog.
I recommend you take a gander over there if you're thinking about getting the iPad/iTouch for your child.  They have some great suggestions for children of all ages.

Daniel is still "playing" a lot on his iPad.  I call it playing because he is still learning all the different apps.  I would have to say that is where I went wrong.  I gave him access to many many apps.  I would suggest for little ones like Daniel to only do a few to start off and see what type they like.  I also downloaded some videos, movies, cartoon type to keep him occupied when we are driving between home, therapy, doctors and such.   This again was not the smartest move on my part.  He now thinks of the iPad more of a toy then a device for communication or learning.  Although I have to say he is learning still because all the "games" we down load for him are school related.

There is one app that I like the most and its able to be customized to what you're teaching.  After so many correct answers you earn stickers.  Its called "Teach Me toddler".  I have it set up so that he is getting questions about colors, numbers, counting, and the letters of the alphabet - both upper and lower case.  It also asks what letter makes what sounds, which I like.   There is also the Teach Me Kindergarten.

I just got the app Alpha Baby which was suggested to me by another mom.  I am excited to try that one out too.  Of course I'm going to start to hide some of the apps and gradually introduce them to Daniel, get him use to the idea that this piece of "equipment" is for more than watching a video. :)  My bad, not his!  So I'll let you know what we think of Alpha Baby soon, that is after we get done with enjoying some sun!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

How exciting! Glad that it is going well and you are finding what works for Daniel. Love the picture - what a cutie!

Lorraine said...

Thank you for mentioning Moms With Apps, it was a delight to find both your blog and your reference. If you have any questions or comments for the developers in terms of how they can make apps that work best for your child, I'm certain they would be interested in hearing from you. Sincerely - Lorraine (editor