Thursday, June 17, 2010

Keeping Cool?

We have a bit of a dilemma.
Daniel loves to be outside, but because of the medication he is on he can't keep cool.  Generally 5-10 minutes at a time is the max.
Do any of your kids have the same issues?  What do you guys do?
Has anyone ever tried a cooling vest?


Anonymous said...

We bring mister bottles outside for the kids. We also just encourage drinking lots and lots of water. Since he can't sit in the sun long, just do water play! Buckets, squirt bottles, pools, hose, sprinkler- it will be lots of fun outside :)
Daughter C

Allison said...

For us, the Frogg Toggs Chill Pad is really helpful - we also have a cooling vest for Brigid from Silver Eagle Outfitters. Heat intolerance can sure put a wrench in your plans in the summer.

Anonymous said...

We bought Drew a splash mat (Fisher Price) that we absolutely loves. I think we found it at Walmart.

And Beach Umbrellas help, so do the battery powered clip on fans.

Now we have that pool, that I could do without :)


Junior said...

Junior never goes out in the summer without his mist bottle and cooling blanket(eagle outfitters). I also just got him a "cold seat" for the car.

Claire said...

I've got a cooling neck wrap, which works the same way as a cooling vest, but ties around your neck like a necklace, it works very well, but is a little bulky. I'd definitely recommend one of those or one of the cooling vest products. Also wiping a damp cloth on your pulse points helps a lot too.