Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apps for iPad

Here are some of the apps that Daniel is using on his iPad.
Some were free or we are using the "lite" version and some obviously were more, but not horribly bad.

Early Academics

  • ABC & Me Works on learning ABC's and basic words through various games
  • Dad's Gift Colors, shapes, numbers and early math
  • In The Zoo Alphabet learning using sing a long and flashcards
  • PreK Safari Letters, numbers, colors & shapes with flashcards or touching the items asked
  • Preschool Adventure Includes 8 simple activities you can do with young toddlers and preschoolers
  • 123 Animals Counting Touch 40 different animals with sounds to see and hear numbers counted
  • Five Little Monkeys Musical Counting game with toys that react to touch. Can sing in rock, country or pop modes
  • 300+ Sight Words Sight words for Level 1 to 5 and Nouns 1 & 2 with text only that can be read to you
  • ABC Animals Interactive animal flashcards with audio that provide the letter name, associated animal name and the phonetics
  • Alphabet Animals All 26 letters in interactive flashcards that make sounds and animations when touched
Mind you all apps are right for all kids. I find the ones that Daniel can see cause and effect with are good. Anything with music and such. So these are just some suggestions...

I will post more as I find some. Let me know if there are any cool ones you like too! And Free ones are sometimes better that the purchased ones!

There are also a ton of YouTube videos out there for children's read along stories and songs. I suggest you watch the whole thing before you download it for the child...sometimes some buttmunches like to throw something in the middle that isn't appropriate!


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Jacqui said...

Hi Melanie

We just got our ipad and I can't get to play with it as Moo won't let it out of his site. I'll have to check out some of the apps. We really need to get together and work out a list of great accessible apps. Re the youtube - Moo is addicted to youtube. If you try - - they have an app for safe watching.