Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iPad for Special Needs

Hey there!

I'm sure you guys are probably sick of hearing about the iPad but I gotta do this.
We got one for Daniel. The minute I heard about it way back when I said I wanted one. Daniel has limited movement of his hands and arms, so has difficulty with the iTouch. So we needed something with the bigger screen. He has his PRC augmentative device which is very nice, but I wanted something smaller and lighter for him to be able to use quickly and on the go. Plus, I like to give him as many options for speech as possibly.

So for Mother's Day I asked for the iPad for Daniel. :)
Let me tell you, the kid is amazing me every chance he gets.See that pointer finger popping out? We've had Daniel using it in many different positions. In his stander, sitting on the sofa, while in his walker. He LOVES this thing. It gives him a voice, it gives him a feeling of success. He is able to make his choices ALONE.

He is able to change between the apps. He knows what "games" he likes and which ones aren't his favorite. He has even set up a play list in i-tunes (I don't know how he did it but he did!)

Here's a little snippet of a video - we had to stop because he realized I was taping him and then well....he started to ham it up! Now mind you he doesn't do alot in the video but the fact that his pointer finger is out and that he put the first three letters in the correct spot to spell CANOE is BIG BIG BIG to me.

If anyone is thinking that they might possibly want one of these who has a child with special needs...or not...I recommend it. (there is my free advertising for Apple - not that they need it!)

In the next couple days I will be putting up a list of Educational Apps that I have. We have only purchased a couple apps and the rest have been free ones.


Katy said...

We're getting one for Charlie--he's totally in love with my iPhone--can't wait to see what he does with a bigger screen. Like Daniel, it's been great for encouraging that pointer finger.

Kristina said...

We're going to get one for Emma! I can't wait! The aug. comm. person in our district recommended we wait for the fall when the new OS is out. They have a pilot program in the district with the iPads and have had a couple of issues she says will be resolved with the new OS, so that should give us enough time to save up our money for the fall version. I'm looking forward to your apps recommendations!

The Mitchells said...

Will you post a list of the apps that you have been using? We got Ella an iPad for her 4th birthday and have a lot of them, but would love more suggestions!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Very cool! I am thinking we need to get one of these things - they look amazing!

Candace said...

Melanie! Oh I am soooo excited! He looks awesome with it! Faith is head over heals in love with hers! It goes everywhere with us! We just found a free app thru the Interntional Children's Digital Library that you can make you free books out of pictures you take! One of the best free apps we have found! You can make as many pages or books as you want!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Thanks for posting this!
Barbara said...

That's awesome! Would love to see a post on apps and things that Daniel does on the iPad. We got one for Nathan but so far I haven't known where to start. Thanks for your helo!

rachael said...

awesome I'm a paralympic athlete from Canada with CP :)

happy's mommy said...

Oh I'm sold!

LOVED watching D moving the letters around! Such a cutie!


Jessica said...

this is so impressive!

bab006 said...

I started a Facebook page called Babies with iPads. Hopefully to raise awareness of this technology and how it can helps kids with disabilities. I would LOVE videos and pic and links please.

bab006 said... I forgot to include the link. I have also developed a facebook page. I would love Daniel's pic for my page using it.