Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apps for iPad - Children's Books

Here are some books that seem to be pretty cool. They are for younger kiddos.
One that is really cool is the Story Kit. This lets you build your own stories, and you can personalize and put your children into the story.

I will be making a "Potty Story" for Daniel.

Children's Books

  • ABC Dinos A dino name is read and shown on each alphabetical page
  • Brave Monkey Cute story that is automatically read to you. Does not highlight
  • Binky A story about an elephant
  • Buddy #1 Story about Buddy the Bus and where he takes people.
  • Bugs Real photos of bugs with the text that is read by touching
  • Cat in the Hat Interactive book that you can read or it reads to you
  • Curious George B-day Interactive book discover George's b-day surprise as you listen to the story
  • Dr. Seuss's ABC's Interactive book
  • Goldilocks Each word is highlighted as it is read to you
  • iLook High Contrast, white on black picture book w/5 caregories (animals, food..) for young children
  • Miss Spider Animated story that reads to you
  • Sesame Street Playground Allows you to change some settings and record your voice
  • Story Kit Easy program to create your own stories by adding in photos, text & speech. Could use for social stories and schedules.
  • Trucks Simple story book that names and shows the text of the truck as they are touched.
Let me know if you know of any other cool stories to use on the iPad.

One thing I have noticed with Daniel. He is vocalizing more when using the iPad. He "answers" and touches at the same time. Pretty cool if you ask me!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to check these out- thanks!

We have the iPad largely due to your post a while ago about the PECS app or something like that. My husband got the iPad free from work, and we were planning on selling it until I realized, by reading your blog, that it might come in useful for my daughter one day. She's not even two, and we don't know the extent of her disorder yet, but I can see having to use some communication assistance in the future.

We have the ABC Dinos. Some are mispronounced, but it's an OK app anyway.

The one I love the best is Alpha Baby. It has a free version, and a paid one for $1. It's is totally worth to pay for.
Here is the link:
basically, you have a blank screen, and when the child taps it, something pops up- a photo, letter, number or shape. A narrator says what it is. You can change the size of the object or send it flying. You get to set how many objects can be on the screen at once.
The best part is- you can record your own voice to announce the object.
I put photos of family members saying their own names for my daughter. My boys also recorded themselves announcing the letter, number and shape names.

It's just such a simple, easy and versatile game.
Oh, wait. There is another best part. :) It's impossible for the child to accidentally leave the app by clicking the settings button, or the link to the app store or whatever. I'm confident that my baby will stay on the screen I gave her!

Anonymous said...

Also, check out "Monkey Preschool Lunchbox." I don't know Daniel's skill level, so I don't know if it's right for him. Take a look, though. :)