Friday, April 16, 2010

Child Size Recliner

As I'm sure you can tell from pics that I have shown you lately, Daniel is getting big!
Getting bigger means we have to move out of the toddler bed into a kids bed.
So many selections, but I think what sold me on this site was the free shipping and no sales tax!
Nothing is worse then picking out a bunch of stuff I would love to get to find out the shipping is horribly high. Especially when they are larger items.

Isn't this one nifty? I like how it is a two step bed. We can still use the crib sized mattress but he'll get the feel of being in a big boy bed and we can then swap out mattresses and voila - Instant Big Bed!!

So doing what I do best (searching the Internet) I found that this store All Children's Furniture also has something else I've been itching to get.

Daniel wants to be more independent. Doesn't want to sit on my lap as much.
He also doesn't like to lay on the floor all the time either. He tried to sit up on his own, but hasn't gotten strong enough to do that just yet.

This got me to thinking, he probably is sick of being stuck to me all the time, or being in a piece of therapy equipment. We've tried the beanbag chair route but it really doesn't work the way I wanted it to.

I wanted to get something that he will be comfortable in and something that is just like everyone else has. Something that doesn't make his different.

Check out this cute little chair...just his size, and just like dads!I placed the order yesterday and can't wait to get it!
I know he is going to be so excited to be able to sit in the chair that fits him!


blogzilly said...

We have a recliner chair that is teeny too. Love it. I just dig it cause it looks like I'm a giant next to it, and I like playing Jolly Green from time to time.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That is so cool! You will have to share a picture of Daniel hanging out in his new chair. : )

Anonymous said...

My child who is three also has bilateral perisylvian syndrome. It sounds as if Daniel is doing great. May God continue to bless you and Daniel and your family. May he rain his healing power onto Daniel to heal him 100 percent. Take care and God Bless