Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feeding Tubes - The Decision

A couple weeks ago we met a new doctor.
The one that I didn't want to meet.
The one that I wanted to cancel the appointment with all day.
The one that I already hated in my head
The dreaded gastro doctor - Dr. G

Turns out he's kinda cool. :)
Ok maybe cool doesn't describe him well, but I walked out of there finding myself "comfortable" with the information he gave me. Not that I'm saying I am thrilled to get Daniel a feeding tube, but more comfortable with the decision that WHEN it comes time, I'm not confused. I'm not as scared.

But saying that.....the decision is still, we are NOT getting the feeding tube until it is absolutely necessary for Daniel. If he becomes stressed with the eating, or he isn't enjoying the pleasure of eating, or it becomes too much for him in any way. Such as losing weight, continual sickness, hospitalization- Then we will get a feeding tube.

Currently he is 44 inches tall, 43 lbs at 4 1/2 yrs old. Pretty good stats.
Falls in the 50 percentile for weight. Dr. G said he "applauds us" for how well we are doing with the weight, that he walked in thinking we must already have a feeding tube because his weight is so good.

He never said we NEED to have one now, he didn't push us into scheduling it like some doctors tend to do. He simply explained how it was done, the options, and then he said what stuck with me.

Basically in a nutshell he said something like
It's not natural to have a feeding tube, and it sucks to have to get it, and you don't have to use it all the time. Its like an insurance hate to have the monthly payments, but when it comes in handy, when you really need it, you're thankful you have it.

He spent a lot of time with us, he talked to Daniel too. Answered my endless list of questions and didn't rush us. To me those are good signs of a good doctor.


Candace said...

He is right, but it sounds like Daniel is doing pretty good to me! We were in aweful shape when we decided to go with Faith's but I will was a good decision for us. It's something we hardly ever even think about, just a part of her.

Katy said...

Well, sounds good to me. I hate it when they're rushing you because they're just fine with something. Meanwhile, you've still gotta wrap your head around it.

blogzilly said...

I'm gonna just hope you don't need it.

mary0990 said...


My son was just diagnosed with PMG. He is 4 1/2 years old too.

When he was born he had a heart defect and was tested for DiGeorge syndrome. It turns out he has the syndrome so we blamed everything on that even though not walking and talking didn't fit. Anyway my question is what made you see a GI dr? My son has been struggling with weight forever, he's only 33lbs. I have been fighting with my husband about getting a tube since he was born. Since his weight was never really bad no one pushed us. Your son is 10lbs heavier than ours, did anyone suggest he need a tube?

Thanks for you time.



Did you see Dr. Gebara? We love him.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a great appointment! It is nice to talk to a level-headed doctor who isn't making you feel like the sky is falling (we are pretty good at feeling that way on our own, don't we?). Sounds like Daniel is doing just fine.

Sherry C said...

love doctors like that. His weight sounds great my Ashley just turned 5 and is 24 pounds she has had the tube since 24 months. I hate and like it there is no love for it. Right now I'm more on the like side. Glad it's there she gets all her milk via the tube. Also it's great for meds and fish oil.Doesn't sound to me like something Daniel will need. Did you get your ipad yet? It's not in Canada yet :( so I'm waiting.