Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I don't normally watch the news because well honestly I would rather live oblivious to what the world is really like.

But Lonnie called me into the room and had me watch something, and it made me sick.
It was a report about a special needs child who has Downs Syndrome.
He looked to be in his teens.
And he was being mistreated.

The parents seemed to be good, caring people.
They decided that for the first time after much deliberation that they would enroll their son in a summer program for special needs kids. A day camp.
So that he could experience what other "typical" kids got to.

I guess from what was reported, the father said to his wife something along the lines "We have to trust people, and let him live his life and enjoy it"
This was the first time they have enrolled their child in anything. Great first experience, don't you agree?!?!

Ya know, there comes a time where you just have to/want to TRUST someone, TRUST that other people are good, TRUST that the play group you're enrolling your child in, is a good place. You hope it is. You hope that your child gets to experience life. Because they should be able to. You want someone out there to understand and love your child for who he is, and not judge him because he has been dealt some shitty circumstances.

But then you get some a$$hole person that comes along and shatters that dream for you. Shatters the dream that your child who deserves everything just like anyone else is treated poorly, without respect.

Someone happened to capture on video a worker of the organization smacking the child across his face to get his attention, and then grabbing him by his arms and pulling him backwards on the floor on his butt/back across the room.

All I can say, is luckily for that man, I was not there to witness it. Because they would have had me opening a large can of Whoop-Ass on him.
One thing I don't tolerate is someone picking on a child regardless if they are SN or not.
I would love to sit in a room with that person and ask them
"WTF are you thinking? What is your problem? WHY WHY WHY would you do that to an innocent child that does not understand?

This is why I don't trust people with my son. This is why I have such an issue with sending him to school, to therapies anywhere that I am not able to watch him.
I know most people will say, this is the odd person Melanie, most people are nice.
NO THEY ARE NOT. And if they are nice, then they won't mind me poppin' in to check to see how he is doing.

All I can say is WTF is the world coming too? Why do people have to be so heartless, clueless and just down right mean?

So to all the people who abuse these kids, or stare at them, or giggle and are just plain rude..
Watch out...cause I am one pi$$ed off mom, and I will kick you in the head!

No I'm not nice....and I am serious!


Rich said...

I can teach you how to choke them out and snap there arm before they hit the ground if you like? :)

But you already answered your own fear... "And if they are nice, then they won't mind me poppin' in to check to see how he (my child) is doing." And your right... THAT is the key...

There are some instances where a teacher or coach or PT ect would want to deal with your child alone, thats fine, thats to get them to focus on the task at hand. Coaches do this all the time to circumvent the "mommy effect"...

But most, if they are legit would have no problem with a "surprise" visit or a watch for afar...

The best advice is to visit the school / camp, and talk to other parents, as for a list of references; they should have no problem providing them. Any complaints to the facility should also be public record. Do your research.

But in the end, yes, you do need to trust some one some time... otherwise you will live a very sheltered life.

It's even more scary for a blind a low vision child... or adult... I KNOW JUST THE WAY YOU FEEL EVERY DAY!

JSmith5780 said...

I'm with you. I hate watching the news. I like the paper because I can pick and choose what I read and I steer clear of titles I don't like the sound of.

ferfischer said...

People that deal with my daughter have to earn my trust. And if they do that, then they have to keep earning it every day. And I'm around a LOT.

baby trevor's mommy said... least I'm not the only psycho mommy. And's not just Trevy that I'm protective of. It's all my children. I've had enough evil...come close enough...that it takes an awful lot for me to really trust someone with my child. Age and cognition aside. Although the fact that Trevy can't TELL me what's going on increases my leary-zone. I suppose I breed the "mommy effect" at my place! ;)

That said...I have learned to trust. A select few other people. And my instinct.


Katy said...

That's terrible.

If it makes you feel any better, I worked as a special ed teacher for years and I never met anyone who would ever lay a hand on a child. Not one in five years.

Liz said...

I totally share your distrust. My daughter is not quite three yet, but the thought of having her in school based therapies where I might not be present makes me want to vomit. I guess maybe we are "lucky" that she may be "medically fragile" enough that we can keep doing therapies at home.
I try to look for the good in people, but sadly, sometimes, it can be rather hard to find.

I hate the news too. Especially since my hubby is about to go to Afghanistan. I'm pretty sure I don't need the added stress that sensational journalists will create.

AshleyS said...

ugh. this makes me sick to my stomach!!!