Friday, August 28, 2009

Therapies – OT/PT/SP

In June we didn’t have therapies because there were mix ups with insurance, approvals and it was just a big headache.  So starting in July we have been doing 3 times a week of speech, 3 times a week of physical therapy, and 2 times a week of occupational.


Well we need our approval for September for physical therapy, and we just found out yesterday that we didn’t get approval because they (the insurance co.) needs more information.  Because generally it takes them 15 working days to process it, that means no PT through the month of September.  Irks me.  Then come the end of September and we’ll have to go through the same thing for OT and Speech.  Its never ending and always frustrating.


We are currently with Beaumont for our PT (Love Ms. Carol) but at the beginning of November we will be switching over to Children’s in Novi for our PT as Daniel will be starting the Lokomat.  I am so very excited about this therapy, but hesitant because we will be losing our Ms Carol who we have been with from the beginning and because it will be hell with all the insurance issues and changing locations.  But I think even with all my hesitations that I have, it will pay off for Daniel to get experience on the Lokomat.  It is the only one around in Michigan that has the pediatric legs.  What is nice about Children’s is that they seem to have more of the cutting edge type things, that traditionally you would have to end up paying for out of pocket.  Fortunately they are able to bill it through insurance.  I have talked with the PT at Children’s (Ms. Terri) and she said she would review with us all the different types of suits and cages when it is closer to our time to switch over there.  She even asked if I thought Daniel would like to demo a new suit that they are getting at the end of September.  HELL YEAH! 


Daniel is making great strides in many areas.  Has he mastered them? Some would probably say no, but if you’re with him every day and you can see all these little things he is doing, you would be amazed.  They might not sound huge, but if you knew what it takes to even raise you arm when you have spastic quad CP you’d be AMAZED.  People probably think I’m nuts when Daniel reaches his arm out when we’re in the store to try to knock things off the shelves, and I tell him “That’s Great Daniel, can you reach up higher and get the next shelf!”  Why is it so great?  Well a number of reasons; he wasn’t able to raise him arm above shoulder level before, he most definitely did NOT have the control to do it, and he is doing it purposefully.


He is back to grabbing the spoon to attempt to feed himself.  Again his arm movements are much better and stronger.  He can get the spoon to his mouth with minimal spillage.   He also likes to attempt to get drinks himself (this is still shaky and he ends up wearing most of it – thinks its funny too!)


His speech therapy is going great. I will be uploading videos we have been taking during the summer at his therapies.  Daniel tends to be a typical snotty boy at times, and will not show what he can do to certain people.  So I video tape and I show them so that they can see.  I tend to believe that he does this because he knows that those people do not believe in him so why should he show them his stuff! ;)


I am crossing my fingers and hoping we see many changes in the next 6 months with Daniel.  Cross your fingers too damn it!


Rich said...

I don't think your nuts... I think it's PT outside the box... I'd sign that boy up for judo! And well, I can't say it enough, get a service dog!

I can tell you the most amazing stories. Kids who don't speak, talk to the dog and give commands. Kids who can't use a hand, reach out to pet... kids who are off the wall, calm and submissive while around the dog...

Truly amazing... Hey, what ever works, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

Rich left a great message. I hope you can explore what he suggested.

The insurance issues are awful. I can't help but wonder about the application made by whomever - the company the PT works for - should know how to get stuff approved in time to not interrupt treatment.

All the best, Barbara

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

The insurance company stuff is just too much! It is ridiculous that you have to constantly jump through hoops over and over again. I just don't understand it.

I am glad to hear about the things that Daniel is doing. I say celebrate everything and who cares if people think you are nuts in the grocery store!

I cannot wait to hear how it goes with the Lokomat - what a great opportunity.

Katy said...

Charlie won't do ANYTHING for the camera these days. I have to sneak up on his to get even the tiniest proof of progress. I swear he does it on purpose.

Andrea Mychalowych said...

I'm so glad to hear Daniel is showing the world who he is and what he can do. There's no shame in screaming, "Clean up in aisle 3" at the local Kroger!!! Big Squishy Hugs for Daniel!

Sherry C said...

My fingers are crossed. Daniel keep knocking things down.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Holy smokes I hate insurance crap. I can't believe you have to go through this repeatedly?! I suppose I'm still in the EI stage of life...and maybe it works more smoothly down here? At any sucks. Because Daniel deserves his mommy's mind to be free for other things...

I think it's cute that you cheer him on in the shelf knocking ventures btw!

I've thought about getting a service/seizure alert doggie for Trev. But right now...since he's essentially seizing ALL day long...I thought that poor pup would lose his voice! :) But I think it would be a huge benefit for Daniel!


Ellen said...

Well, I love hearing about all his accomplishments, they should be savored. It's funny, I am in the midst of writing a post about Max playing with sand and how awesome I thought that was! I hear you on the insurance company. We won the battle to pay for speech/dysphagia, but now I have to go back and battle them t pay for OT. Forget about PT anything, they won't do it. They claim they only pay for SHORT-term rehab. Argh.

But, I am so happy to hear about Daniel's progress. I wish he and Max could have a playdate.