Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 Days a Week

This summer we had speech therapy 3x a week.

This some might say would be a drag…who wants to spend all summer in speech therapy? The answer to that would be Daniel!

He just adores Ms. Pat, and I think she might like him a little bit too! :)

As I have mentioned before Daniel does not speak like a typical 4 yr old. But he does communicate. IF you are listening, and watching him. IF you don’t doubt him, you will see. They might be subtle movements, gestures, or sounds, but watch and they are there.

Instead of speaking the standard English (which he does understand) we speak “Daniel”. So if you would like to learn “Daniel” watch the videos and you will also see, it is a beautiful language to watch and learn.

Just a couple examples -they are kind of long...I never said his language was quick ;)


Anonymous said...

he is such an awesome kid!! i could watch his videos all day! thanks for sharing him with the world!! i'm a special educator (preschool) and my students love "working" because its fun - just like daniel! great job!

Laura said...

I love it, he is so smart and his eye contact and his movement is just awesome! Daniel you are SUPER!!!!!!! When Jonathan gets a little older could you teach him how to do this?!

Sander said...

What a wonderful job Daniel!

Melanie, I am so proud of him! I applied for a scholarship for woman over 25 years of age, and Daniel's story was my subject. The rules were to tell them why we decided to pursue the major we are. I'm pursing a minor in Early Childhood Education Special Needs and a major in Occupational Therapy. I may not be able to help Daniel personally, but I can help other children like him. He is such a happy boy, you can see it through the videos of him. I gotta tell you Melanie, you are one very lucky mom, to have a little boy with the personality that Daniel has, and the voracity of life that he has. That smile of his and giggle always melts my heart! You truly have one very special little guy in your life!

Erin said...

He is such a super-star! Look at him go! said...

I'm so amazed at the things Daniel can do. This is AMAZING! He is right there along with her 100% of the way. I can see that he's communicating in so many ways! Good job teaching him to communicate so well! Can I send you Nathan for a few months ;-)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Those videos are so cool! I love how excited he gets about the bubbles and his laugh is definitely contagious. It is great to see him making choices with this switches. And his eye contact and facial expressions are so good. You can see him communicating every step of the way.