Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Party Giveaway!

WIN IT!!! AN $80.00 VALUE!!

One of you lucky readers is going to win their own "Better Than Normal" birthday party set! This includes one special customized & personalized crown for your child and 5 additional basic crowns for party favors/hats for the guests! No two crowns will be alike!



Ways To Enter:

  1. Take either of our cute buttons (Daniel's or Better Than Normal Bee) and put it on your blog.
    (Or, if you want me to love you forever, take both!)


    <a href="http://betterthannormal.org/" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="photobucket"src="http://lh4.ggpht.com/_WB7EHqfDEZ4/Sdl3-8PDZDI/AAAAAAAACtY/N2Qfe4a_Rn0/beebutton.jpg"/></a>

    <a href="http://danielspranger.com/" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src="http://i732.photobucket.com/albums/ww323/vidasista/daniel.png"/></a>
  2. Visit BetterThanNormal.org and tell me which special crown you would want if you won!
  3. Become a follower if you aren't already on either this blog or my other blog. ( Be SURE to do this! Lots of people have missed out by skipping this step! Do it on both you get 5 extra entries!!)
  4. MUST DO: Post a comment on this post telling me which of the above or below you did!. If you don't have a blogger account remember to add your email address so I can contact you!
If you'd like EXTRA Entries:
  1. Post about this giveaway specifically on your blog and link back to here for 10 extra entries.
  2. For FIVE extra entries, purchase anything from Better Than Normal before the end of this giveaway. If you win your original purchase will be refunded plus the shipping.
  3. Follow me on twitter - 2 extra entries
  4. Tweet about this giveaway. Please leave the link to your "tweet" in a comment. - 1 extra entry
Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on April 30th when I will draw a winner at random. PLEASE leave your email address if it is not visible on your profile. I will notify the winner and they will have 36 hours to respond before I will choose a new winner!

Obviously, if you already have my button and are already a follower, all you have to do to enter a comment on the giveaway post and you could easily win!

Isn't that simple?!?! Just enter your name into Mr. Linky below and then leave a comment telling me if you did any of the extras!!

Contest open to US & Canada
...Spread the word!!


Keri said...

Goodness gracious! I couldn't even finish reading the whole post. Soon as I saw Logan's melon I busted out laughing. His expression just kills me. Okay, okay.... off to get the scoop. I'm totally excited to see you doing this!!! Yahoo!!

Justinich Family said...

Hey Melanie,

I completed the 3 steps for the entry into the contest. The preference for our crown if we win is under the comments on the btn.org site.

andrea v said...

How cute. I like the reversible crown you made. My daughter would love one. thanks

Michelle said...

What a fun way to spend your message
I have completed all three tasks and have also followed both pages from my blogm I am joining twitter to follow your tweets and will tweet a message as well. I am also going to order a crown for my birthday girl. So I think i did everything to get every extra vote I can.

Michelle said...

Oh I forgot my daughter would love the reversable crown!!!

Anonymous said...

hmm if i brag about your wonderful crowns in my classroom do you think i can get bonus points for that?
i would love a variety of multiple colors- anything you have laying around.


Keri said...

Okay, I think I'm covered! I did my post, follow you on both blogs, and on twitter. Schweet!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

OK, I am new to your blog so I have just begun following (DING),
I am posting a button your blog (DING DING)...I believe that is 2 entries for me!!!

C said...

Mel, I'm now a follower and posted links over at my blog, but... maybe we could just buy some crowns for the next birthday season at our house? Best of luck, hope things are going super well for you guys. :o)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

1. I have the button up and rolling on my blog.
2. My fav is the goldenrod.
3. I'm now a follower on both blogs.
4. I'm going to post about your giveaway on my sidebar so it stays up for longer than a regular post.
5. And last but certainly not least, I ordered the goldenrod crown for my boys to share!

What does that earn me? Like 5,000 entries, I hope? (I'm one of the last people on the planet who doesn't twitter/tweet so those are the only extra entries I couldn't go for.)

Thanks for the great giveaway!

iceehot said...

What an awesome thing you're doing!

Step 1 is done.
Step 2 -- I like them all! Seriously, they are all wonderful. I love the colors. I have both a little girl and boy so whatever you want to send my way should I win (thinking positive here!) would be fabulous. Seriously.
Step 3 is done. I've been following you for awhile but made sure you were linked appropriately on my blog.
Step 4 -- I'm doing it right now.
Step 5 -- Was an EXTRA. I posted about your giveaway specifically and linked back to your blog.

Thanks for doing this, you rock!

Shasta said...

Love these crowns!!! My boys would be thrilled with them!

I'm following BOTH blogs for 5 entries.

I like the light blue crown {and the orange one because my middle son loves orange!} for 1 entry.

I'm now following you on Twitter for 2 entries.

Did I mention that I just LOVE these crowns!!

Anonymous said...

I actually posted daniels pic link on our site the other day...can you add us? i will add the giveaway info when marc gets out of the hospital

marc and peytons mom

Jacolyn said...

I did 1-4 and #1 on the extra points!! Love those crowns!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Okay...sooooo...if I already follow you & am already linked do I get quad-roo-ple points?!?!?!

Love your crowns...love your blog...love this giveaway!

I'm stealing a button too!


Anonymous said...

blogged http://collegechick.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/giveaways-of-the-day-2/

clarissa at digitaldeacons dot com

JoAnn said...

Hi Melanie, I've had a link to your blog on my "Experiment in Gluten Free Living" blog for months, but now I've put BOTH buttons there and on my daughter's blog (Emma's World). I'm also now following both of your blogs!

Plus I will post about your giveaway on Emma's blog!

Emma's birthday is June 7th...she'll be three years old. She would LOVE that reversible pink/purple crown!!


I'm off to add the BEE to me, crusty! :)

crustybeef3@sbcglobal.net is where you can find me.

tasks are complete. thanks for the opportunity to win something!


Anonymous said...

i would love a reversable...
i will add my email to the account soon... you are doing a great job...


Anonymous said...

I have told everyone I know about the party crowns and I have a niece and a cousin who will be ordering princess crowns very soon. I have added the Bee button and plan to leave it one our blog permanently. I left a post on the other site about what kind of crown we would like, but since Memphis has microcephaly he will need a small crown. Is it possible to make it adjustable?

Melanie said...

Memphis' Mom-

We can totally do that. Whatever you'd like to do we can pretty much do. There is velcro on the back that holds it together, so that in itself makes it adjustable. But if you also measure your child's head, we can build a crown that way. Easy peasy!!

Good Luck! and thanks for passing the word!

MeghatronsMom said...

I already have your button on my blog! I like the pink/purple for MM with her name. I really can't decide though cause I Love them ALL!

MeghatronsMom said...

I am already a follower of your blog! Woo hoo!

MeghatronsMom said...

Here it is:


LOVE YA, Melanie!

FranticMommy said...

Love you blog! I'm really feelin the hot pib=nk crown...may have to keep that one for myself :)
#2 color choice is orange. Good luck and what a great idea!

Colleen said...

What gorgeous crowns! I would first love the hot pink one for my daughter, but would have to get a boyish one too for my son!

I have both buttons on my blog.

I am now following both of your blogs. I also subscribed.

I am now following you on twitter.