Monday, April 13, 2009

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Winner

Well I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend.

We kind of laid low and took it easy. We're a little hesitant having Daniel out and about since this is the first week in a long long time that he hasn't been sick!

That being said, it gave me time to work on things that desperately needed to be worked on around the house. Got curtains made for two rooms, got a few rooms cleaned, put together Daniel's BlueWave Potty Chair (and got peed on...what more could I ask for?!)
While I did these types of things that were much needed, Lonnie and Daniel worked on colors, shapes and playing trains.

I also got to work on making a few new crafts. Crafts are my "release". I can just relax and do them at my own pace. I have an "Ahhh moment" and just chill.

So if you can remember, last month was Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month.
Our "blogger friend" and mom to Logan & Levi had a little contest to raise awareness.

One of my crowns was to be a prize. Melanie from the Fraase Family Blog got to pick a crown for her daughter. Melanie was very cool (must be something with the name?!) and gave me some ideas of what her daughter liked and I got to get a little creative. I love when people let me come up with things! Of course after I'm done I'm nervous they won't like it either! LOL
So if you'd like to check out what the new "reversible customized" crown looks like, check out my other blog! Hopefully Melanie and her daughter Piper will enjoy it.....I enjoyed making it :)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh so jealous! That new crown is adorable. :)

Daughter C

Mel Fraase said...

Ohh! I'm so excited for Piper to see it! She probably won't take it off!! Thanks again!!

Keri said...

Holy creativity! Daggone, Piper's crown is super fabulous! You did a great job. Loving the reversible idea. Very clever. Love, LOVE your crowns.