Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Eights

Alrighty - it has been a whopper of a week and my first post back is this little meme. I got tagged by Keri over at "Life of Logan"

Rules, because there are always rules:
- Mention the person that tagged you.
- Complete the lists of 8's.
- Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.
- Go tell them you tagged them!

8 THINGS I LOOK FORWARD TO(not in any specific order):
* Sleeping
* Daniel standing unsupported by himself
* School being out so Daniel can sleep in (and me too!)
* Getting Daniel Eco 14 set up completely how we want
* Getting Daniel's IEP this Friday over with!!
* Brittany to come home from school for the summer
* Caitlin & Alexandra to get married to their significant others
* Tori to have a successful softball season

8 THINGS I DID YESTERDAY: (sheesh I don't know that I can remember)
*Went to Daniel's speech therapy
*Cleaned the house
*Sewed an eagle beak for a play
*Made some more custom crowns
*Made phone calls for insurance issues (oh joy)
*Went to bed right after Daniel went to bed! nice!
*Got 2 bikes from my sister in hopes that I will ride and be skinny
*Paid bills

* Find about 10 extra hours in a day.
* Help Daniel to become stronger so he can be like every other little boy
* Give Daniel his voice
* Be more talented.
* Have more than one of me so I can be everywhere and not miss out on anything
* Get my parents back but healthy
* Not be so stressed all the time
* Be wiser, so I knew I was making the right decisions instead of guessing and hoping I'm doing things right.

* American Idol
* Anything on Food Network
* Sponge Bob (not by choice)
* Max & Ruby (has anyone ever noticed that there is NEVER a parent around?!)
* Medical Mysteries
* Any cartoon that will make Daniel and Lonnie :) happy.

I don't like tagging, as I can never get anyone to do it!! So if you read this and you'd like to be tagged and have a little fun....I now tag YOU!!

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Anonymous said...

8 THINGS I LOOK FORWARD TO(not in any specific order):
* Graduating
* Finally moving home for the summer
* Working, and making money hopefully
* Getting almost a 4.0 GPA (Which is close if i keep it up)
* Watching my brother/sister grow up
* Being in my sisters wedding
* Kid napping my nephews when Mommy Alex needs a break
* Growing up

* Woke up extreamly early
* Cleaned a pig sty of a room
* Did a lot of laundry
* Watched a little bit of the movie Candy Man and then got really scared
* Got into a fight with my Biggest sister (C- I'm Sorry)
* Went to my Racial Diversity Class which was worthless
* Went to my PR class, again worthless...
* Finally ate a wonderful meal and slept like a baby!

* Make everyone happy... I mean i try
* Have people be proud of me
* I would give everything i have just to hear my brothers voice, and what he has to say.
* I wish I have the right advice and answers for everything
* I wish I could pay all my debts so I can be happy.
* I wish I could pay for Caitlins wedding and give her the biggest/best wedding ever
* Pay for my nephews college
* Be there for Tori physically and emotionally for anything and everything.
** Can I have 8 more wishes??!

* Haprer's Island
* Grey's anatomy (Only in Seasons)
* Hockey (Not a show but since its play offs it basically is on 4 times a day)
* The first 48
* Entourage
* Wife-Swap
* Very rarely do I get control of the remote

Woo! I tag the Sisters-

Love, Sister B.