Friday, April 3, 2009

To divine! OMG

Daniel has never been a great sleeper. I figure he got that from me.
I go in these spurts of not liking to sleep, wanting to sleep ALL THE TIME, and wanting to sleep but can't so I cry!

We've done the whole Melatonin thing for Daniel and it just doesn't seem to work. Plus I hate giving him more drugs on top of all the daily stuff we give him. So come 3 a.m. Daniel is generally awake and wanting attention.
If I am with Daniel I will lay in the bed with him and we'll talk about the butterflies, the things we're going to do the next day, I'll make shadow puppets on the wall, we'll practice rolling over from one end of the bed to the other, we will hold our legs up in the air and count our toes and kick out feet, just giggle.
Well, not so much the same thing with Dad. Lonnie will smile as Daniel and explain in the sweetest way possible "Daniel sweetie, you need to go back to sleep. Nope, stop smiling at me...close your eyes and go to sleep. Daniel.....Daniel...yep thats Daddy's nose! Daniel...its time for sleep. Yes....Eye...very good, thats Daddy's eye. Daniel get your finger out of my nose.......its time to sleep. Daniel, why do you have to be so damn cute.......FINE, you wanna watch some tv?" Big smile....and then he'll watch a show and go back to bed.

With me? I can't get him to do that for the life of me. When he's with me we're up for hours.....I can't figure it out!

More so lately I haven't been sleeping well, so once I finally fall asleep, if there is a little Daniel awake Lonnie tends to him so I can get a little sleep. INSOMNIA sucks! So generally I'm not falling asleep when most people are and when they are getting up I tend to have just fallen asleep. So sleep isn't often with me, UNTIL I got these Melatonin strips from Jacolyn.


Sleep..............ah what a wonderful thing. Two nights in a row, complete sleep. Much needed sleep. AAAAH sleep is divine!

So if you're looking up sleep issues on the internet, contact Jacolyn...she'll hook ya up with these enlyten Melatonin strips. I am HOOKED

Oh and let's not forget the Energy strips she sent me too! YEP they work too.....with her three little ones I can't imagine that she doesn't use these little babies every once in a while too!


Jacolyn said...

Oh I'm so glad it helped. Just let me know when you need more.

AshleyS said...

so glad they worked!

Anonymous said...

We have just started giving Konnor Meletonine, so far the regular Rite Aid brand is working great. I have even started taking it too. Sleep is wonderful!! Glad both you and Daniel have found something that works for you.
I would love to hear more about the energy strips though... I always need more energy.

Jennifer said...

I haven't tried this yet but I heard that if you want a good quality of sleep then juice or eat 1 kiwi an hour before bedtime.