Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here Chickie chickie chickie-AMENDED

With Easter being right around the corner we decided to have a little fun with some holiday type activity. Some steps turned out well, and well some turned out to be messy but fun. I'll let you figure out which was which!
Can't say we aren't sanitary...gotta use the rubber gloves! That is half the fun!!!
As you can see, Daniel was our taste tester. Actually he wasn't the only one, he was the only one I caught on camera!
If you can't tell these are suppose to be lil' chicks. Didn't turn out quite like they were supposed to but it was fun anyways.

Check tomorrow to see the only purpose a Peep really has in this world!

Amendment: I forgot to put the link to where we got the idea for the chick. Bakerella!
You didn't really think I was that crafty to figure these guys out by myself!


Anonymous said...

are you kidding those totally look like chicks! plus they tasted awesome! def a fun family activity!
xoxo -c

Melanie said...

Well of course you'd say they were chicks silly- you were one of the people making them!! LOL you can't look at your own work and say it sucks. But I can!!! Thanks for playing today.

Bird said...

Ummmm. . . why is he wearing gloves? I guess I don't understand how these things are made??!?

Anonymous said...

THOSE ARE SO CUTE. What are they made from?


Melanie said...

Hey Bird-

He is wearing gloves because we were all wearing rubber gloves. Our hands were all over in the ingredients. We were wearing them for sanitary reasons, he was wearing them just to be like us. Plus its just fun!!

Hey Nicole- These we copied and I forgot to put the link but from a website called Tons on wonderful fun ideas there. Plus you'll see how they are really suppose to look if you have talent!!

jamie said...

those are very cute! i can definitely tell that they are chicks :)

Jacolyn said...

Are those cake ball?! So impressed about the fat little chickies :)

Melanie said...

Yep, those are cake balls...each one hand made! I'll tell ya this is a fun little family project. Daniel had a blast making his with all the sprinkles.

Keri said...

Check you out... all crafty with Mr. Daniel. I so gotta get into doing this kinda stuff with Logan. He loves making messes so I imagine he'd love doing things like this. Great idea. BTW, the chicks are almost too cute to eat!

Melanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melanie said...

OH BELIEVE ME....they weren't too cute to eat..AND we ate them all. Now when I think about them I want to puke!

Now hubby and I have started our diets (scratch that...better way of eating, not diet!)so of course we pigged out on anything that was bad for us in the house (don't want anything to go to waste!)

and if you're wondering why I deleted the comment above that was written by me...I some how got a swear word typed in there....shame on me!