Thursday, April 2, 2009

ECO- 14 Programming

Well -

Let me just tell you all this much- These augmentative devices aren't just a plug in, charge, and play kinda thing!!

We are trying to get it as customized as possible for Daniel. Reason being, I think if it is more "his style" that he'll be more willing to use it. I have learned that I have to be very careful when I program it that Daniel is not around to watch me. The little booger seems to watch my every move and has figured out how to get into the programming area! I still have my training to go to which will tell me how to lock that feature from him!

I am still working on getting a good video of him using his device. Right now its hard. Its hard because he always has his head down looking at what he is suppose to be looking at and not at me!!

We work on it a lot, get him use to the keys, and where his "words" are. Of course on the main page that comes up we have "About me" button, "Potty" button, "My words" button, "Eat" button, "Toys" button.
Ya know....the important stuff.

For some reason, anytime one of us is using at computer Daniel feels its HIS TURN to use it and you better well acknowledge that you are aware that you're working at HIS computer.
Daniel has his home computer which has his games and has a touch screen monitor for him. And he also has his ECO-14 augmentative device. So according to Daniel - HE IS TOP DOG, and no one is allowed to use ANY computer in the house without his say so. If you got to use it and he saw you use it, then he gets to use it next and for twice as long! Kid is a riot!
Here is a photo of Daniel at therapy working on the computer and using a mouse. He has also started doing "Therapeutic Listening". (more about that in another post)

Today while Daniel was watching "Blue's Clues"....I thought OK, he's distracted I'll check my email real quick. Next thing I know he is looking at me and yelling "ON ON ON ON"
He thinks if he yells and repeats himself saying he wants "ON", he'll get it.

I know don't give into him.
Well it is technically HIS computer.
OK Daniel, your turn! (and we get a big ol' grin from ear to ear).
All is good once again in the world!


AshleyS said...

he sounds like Clayton! but we don't have a touch screen for our home PC--maybe that's something we need to look into!

Bird said...

That is sooooo awesome!!! I can't wait til Charlie gets to this point.

Thomas Norden said...

If he is so interested in computers, why did you buy him such a low performing device? Why not something new that runs Vista - like the C12? You will also find PRC's Unity more harmful than helpful.

Thomas Norden

Lonnie said...

Hi Thomas. First of all, if I need advice from someone that knows nothing about my child, I'll be sure to look you up. It is surely better than our previous augmentative device, which was nothing. Additionally, Thomas, I hardly find anything high performance about Vista. The single worst resource hog ever introduced by Microsoft. So, enjoy your C12 and Daniel will enjoy his Archaic XP PRC. What I really find more harmful than helpful is your arrogance in assuming the C12 is the device for one and all.