Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life - Back to Normal

After being out of school, missing some therapies, rescheduling life for over a week, I am proud to say we are back to our normal life!
Daniel no longer is shooting boogers across the room. We have no more watery, boogery eyeballs. We have a happy camper, who is ready to go back to school and hopefully stay healthy and not get re-infected with any germs!!Photos from:

Client Scholastic Press
Art Director Joan Michaels
Illustrator Bill Mayer
Illustration © bill Mayer 2007


Keri said...

Super glad to hear he is feeling better and things are back to normal. Sometimes I wish I could put Logan in a bubble so he didn't get sick so much. Stupid germs! Hoping Daniel stays healthy.

Laura said...

Yea Daniel, glad he is feeling better!

Justinich Family said...

That is so good to hear.

Ellen said...

You make boogers infinitely fascinating. Thanks, Melanie. Glad Daniel is better!!!!