Monday, March 9, 2009

Bebesounds Nasal Aspirator - MUST HAVE

Oh what a sheltered life I have led!

I'm on my fifth child (some are even having their own!) and I've never heard of this contraption!

Jamie over at I Heart Milo, told me about it on my post about Snots, Boogers and Green Monsters. What the heck?? I am always in the baby section of the stores scoping things out and I've NEVER seen this.

This should automatically be given out when you're in the hospital with your baby!

For those of you young moms who are fighting with that bulb syringe ...THROW IT OUT! Stop getting frustrated by those big boogers that just won't come out. Or if you're one of the many moms who uses their fingernail (YES I HAVE TOO!), STOP. Or the moms that use a Q-Tip, or other instrument to grab hold of those slimey cling-ons...STOP

Get this! Do a couple squirts of saline solution and turn this on.

We picked one up for $20.00 at Walmart, they are also available at Toys R' Us and Target. You can order it online.

Daniel actually LIKES it. I do warn those with weak stomachs. When you think its not probably is. I gagged for about 10 minutes after I thought it wasn't working! Just be prepared when you pull off the nozzle tip. Its all there!

BUT, your child will breathe much, much better!! I can't imagine not having one of these ever again!! If I get invited to any baby showers, you better bet mom-to-be is getting this bad boy!!

And if you don't believe just me, ask Erin over at Smallest Smykay or check out her comment on the Boogers post!! She thinks it rocks too!


Bird said...

I'm gonna tell my hubby about this one tonight and I can pretty much promise you that he's going to want to get one right away. He has NEVER been satisfied with a nasal aspirator and is constantly saying that he wants to suck them out!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting that. I'll have to get one for Tyse.


wow. I have never heard of it either and I'm going crazy with boogies in the nose with my youngest. Thank you! I'm off to target!!!!!


I wanna try it too!

(yes, fingers, me too!!)

Erin said...


It is true, this thing is awesome.

I do have to warn you though that I am on my second one because I broke one of the little tabby things off the collection cup, so it no longer fit perfectly flush and lost suction. So be very careful screwing and unscrewing the collection cup, and also, be sure not to lose the white rubber washer that fits between the white plastic part and the collection cup.

Keri said...

Where the heck has this thing been all Logan's life? Good gravy! I know where I'm going first thing tomorrow. To get me one of those bad boys. I sure hope it works as good as you say it does (well, anything's better than a bulb syringe, eh?) cause it may be a life saver! Oh, I'm so excited!

Keri said...

Yup, I so went and got this gadget. Anxious to see how it works. How's that for pathetic? I'm excited about a booger sucker outer.