Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snots, Boogers, and Green Monsters

(S)not for the weak stomached readers--

Tell me, how to teach my child how to blow his nose?

He's little nose is so stuffed with boogers. I am constantly wiping his nose, spraying nasal solution up there to try to get the hard crusties out of there.

Its weird because we have a weird mix going on.

Sometimes they are rock hard boulders up there that require intervention and need to be extracted with a boogerectomy.

Sometimes they just run out like a faucet turned on full blast.

Sometimes they are those ones that you grab hold of and they are attached all the way down to his toes and the more you pull they keep coming, and you think you're actually hooked onto an organ of some sort. He generally giggles so it must tickle.

Those ones that are sticky, and you think you got it all off his face and an hour later you realize that it just slithered over and is now dried up in his hair.

It's always fun to be driving in the car and he sneezes. I turn my head for that quick glance and there is a booger all the way down to his chin. No Kleenex in the car.....uuum Victoria's work shirt will do!! shhhhh she'll never know.

OR better yet, I'm driving, he sneezes and I do the head turn to check and nope, there is no booger! Yeah. Couple miles later I stop at a light and turn to talk to Daniel. He's got his pointer finger smearing the booger I didn't see that he launched on his window. Nice artwork. I'll leave that for Daddy, he'll be so proud. I am so tired of him being sick this year.

I have used the ball thing to suck out the boogers, and most of the time we can't get it to do a good enough job. He still breathes like Dart Vader. I just want him to BLOW his nose.

I put the little Kleenex up to his nose and say "Come on Daniel, blow blow blow", and he just looks at me like I'm nuts. We've done demos to show him how to do it, and that just gets more giggles.

I am so sick of snot and I am snot kidding!

How did YOU teach your kid to blow his nose?
Life would be so much better for him if he'd just blow!


Anonymous said...

okay so to teach a child to blow their nose do the following. close their mouth and tell them to breath out hard... thats the only way i can get them to do this.

good luck

jamie said...

we have a booger sucking machine (suction machine)...milo is snotty and congested a lot, and he tends to be a lot more pukey when his nose is stuffy, and those ball syringes don't work well, so our doctor gave us an order for a suction is small and portable but we only use it at home, it helps a lot at night when he is all stuffed up and it is great for when he is sick. also, have you ever seen these? Bébésounds Nasal Clear Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator, i have never tried one but was thinking about getting one before we got our suction machine.

Ellen said...

Sigh. I wish I could teach Max to do that, but he has serious trouble with anything having to do with airflow. He just can't direct air out of his nose or mouth yet.

Thankfully, it is not booger-filled right now, but I too have had times when he's been in the back seat, sneezed and hot snot dripping everywhere. Along with the most gleeful expression on his face.

Booger suction machine: wow. Now THAT'S technology.

Melanie said...

HA HA HA- to tell you how tired I am at this minute I just looked up the link that Jamie gave me and saw the little nasal clearing device. The description on the packaging says "battery operated. Includes Storage bag. plays 12 different tunes."

and the first thing that popped into my head was ....ewww gross why would you want a storage bag for the snot?" Then it dawned on me that it meant storage bag for the device!
I'm not proud to admit it, but when I think stupid things at least I admit it!!!

Erin said...

typing one handed, so forgive the format, but just gotta say that we have the bebe sounds snot sucker and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

a few squirts of saline and this sucker and you are in the clear! and fletch loves the music. it is my fave gadget, and works a million times better than a bulb syringe.

AshleyS said...

thank goodness for our suction machine-the bulb syringe just doesn't cut it anymore! I just wish we had one for the both cars, and one for my mom's house!!!

Justinich Family said...

Evan does an OK job if we tell him to blow his nose but it is only if he wants to cooperate. I was totally laughing at your descriptions because that is totally what Evan has. It is so frustrating when they get sick all the time. Evan (knock on wood) has been ok for about a month but gosh he was getting snotty noses all the time there for a while, and then it would move to his chest and I would be waiting for the fever to start, but so far nothing.

Jessica said...

love this post, we have the same exact issues with Paxson - down to the boogers while driving. I didnt even know there was such a thing as a suction machine. I'll have to look into it. I'm just always picking his nose with my finger nails which is kinda gross. He laughs when his dad does... but not for me.

Keri said...

Melanie, you are cracking me up! Snot storage bags??!!

This post totally hits home. Logan can't blow his nose either. We've tried the demos and get nothing. Poor kid always has some type of snot or boogers. They don't ever seem to go away. So, if you ever come across a trick that works, please clue me in. I'm snot joking, I need to know!