Saturday, November 8, 2008

Potty Time!

My oldest daughter Caitlin (preschool teacher and children's book collector!) recently gave Daniel this book. When she gave it to us, she said "Oh my gosh you're going to die laughing" She was right. Daniel even gave a couple giggles too! "Its a story of Suzy Sue who had something very important to do..." The truth is, she needs to poo—but someone has snatched her potty away! What an awesomely cute and funny book about potty training!

Another book that we received from here is called:
This book is cute too, it comes with stickers and reward chart to keep track of success. Gives the child the steps and what to do, wipe, wash, flush.....

"Big Boys Use the Potty!" by DK
Now, there is also a class that is offered in my area by a woman that has a bunch of letters after her name (which means she must know something about something!) such as RN, MA, CS, NP and PB&J! Anyways the class is called
"Making it Happen" Toilet Training the Special Needs Child.
According to Ms. Judith (and Daniel's preschool teacher who has used this method numerous times), this is a task that needs commitment and needs a team to do it. So with the family and school all working together we are starting. She stated that it is time to start potty training when the child remains dry for 1 hour minimum, mental age of 18-24 months, has formed bowel movements, can sit up (supported or non), free from major medical issues, Family is free from stress (OK we almost had it 100% until that little note but we're doing it anyways!) emotionally ready, and finally after age 4 becomes a priority.

So again, because Daniel has an awesome teacher at preschool, we are going to be charting before we actually really consistent make Daniel do the potty. For two weeks we will complete diapers checks. We check Daniel every hour from the time he wakes up and mark it on the chart. If he is dry, we mark it, wet, bm. Obviously if it is dirty you change him but mark it and continue checking hourly. This will be done at home AND also at school. After two weeks, we will figure out a pattern if there is one, if not we will figure out potty times and he WILL be taken every day for the next week at those specified times.

NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A POWERFUL AWARD for when they do a good job.

This class is a two hour class all with hand outs and ideas, and ways NOT TO LOSE YOUR COOL.

Now with all the books, charts, graphs, correct wording we are going to use and rewards set up we are on our way.....
look at that determination!
It's Potty Time!!


Anonymous said...

potty training is my game! got to have funny books when sitting on the pot! -hahahaha!

MeghatronsMom said...

OMG! I love, love, love that pic! He looks so cute! It made me giggle aloud. GL! I hope he gets it quickly. It was a long process for us. We still are not night time trained, but who cares! We stay dry all day & I only use 1 pull-up a day rather than 4-7! Yeehaw! Keep us posted on the potty process.

Anonymous said...


Skye said...
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Bird said...

Gosh. I never thougth I'd like potty training, but I LOVE a good chart! Makes me a little less apprehensive. Of course, I've got about a million things I want to get to before potty training, so no potty chart for me yet!

Justinich Family said...

You have inspired me. Evan already sits on the pot at school and has even went one time in it. I know it was probably just a fluke but hey he is probably using this to learn the concept. He does wake up dry more often than not.

laila said...

Good Luck...I'm excited to see how it goes!!! Hannah has a few of those things down I just want to wait a little longer and try and take the plunge...definitly would love to see this lady she sounds really smart with this! Danial looks too cute sitting on that potty!!!XOXOO