Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tagged By Stacy

I was tagged by Stacy .
These things are so hard for me!

8 TV Shows I watch(not in any order)
1. Spongebob (yeah I know!)
2. Mystery Diagnosis
3. Delivery Me
4. Dr. G (medical stuff)
5. Hell's Kitchen (when its the season)
6. American Idol
7. Max and Ruby (children's show)
8. The Biggest Loser

8 Things that happened to me yesterday
(crap I can't even remember what happened to me 2 hours ago!)
1. Took Daniel to therapy
2. Did some ABR on him
3. Cooked dinner
4. Went to my favorite store - JoAnne Fabrics
5. Actually bought 3 Christmas gifts
6. Went to bed early
7. Worked though the night at work
8. Forgot to go to my weekly doctor appt! :? SORRY!!

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. Subway
2. Thai Food
3. New China
4. Any place Italian
5. Any place I don't have to cook! :)
8.- Can anyone guess why I need to lose weight?!?!

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Not working tonight
2. Sleeping in (a little)
3. ABR in February
4. ABR in March with Leonid
5. Summer
6. Getting the bench my brother is building
7. Daniel getting his augmentative device
8. Cleaning the rest of my house tomorrow (YEAH I KNOW I'M SICK...I can't stand disorganization!)

8 Things on my wish list: (can we make it 80?)
1. A good Christmas
2. My sisters ( A & M) to get better
3. My families good health
4. Daniel to continue to strive and keep seizures gone
5. Happiness & less stress
6. To be able to come up with enough money for the rest of the first year of ABR
7. For my sister A not to move! :)
8. For hubby and I to find time to spend together without worries

8 people I tag: I know people hate doing this but, just suck it up and take a few minutes! ;)
Erin, Marcela, Jennifer, Caitlin, Brittany, Alexandra, Tori, Bird (it'll give you something to post about one day! But make sure you don't take away from your ABR hours!)


Anonymous said...

Tagged by my mother-

8 TV Shows I watch(not in any order):
2. The First 48
3. The Pick Up Artist
4. Dr.90210
5. Extream Make-Over Home Addition
7. Next (A terrible MTV show)
8. Deal or No Deal

8 Things that happened to me yesterday:
1. Woke up Early
2. Went to Work
3. "Worked"
4. ...And by "work" i mean sat there bored on a saturday morning at 9am when i live on a college campus- who wants to wake up hung over to tan at 9am?.. exactly.
5. Sold a bottle of lotion for $80.00
6. Fell asleep for 4 hours
7. Ate Salmon and potatoes
8. SAW ROLE MODELS! Great movie.

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. China 1- chinese all you can eat buffet
2. Subway
3. McDonalds
4. Wendy's
5. Bennigins
6. BD's Mongolian Grill
7. Coney Islands
8. Rallys
(Fast Food HOG!)

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Finally having a day to do nothing
2. Sign on my new house!!
3. Seeing the results of Daniels ABR therapy
4. Going to ChiTown in Feb with mom, lonnie, Daniel and Tori
5. Graduating college and being rich and supporting my family-
6. Buying a car (Saturn Vue White with Black interrior, or a White Land Rover with Black interrior)
7. Interview Tomorrow AM!
8. New Semester Classes that i have been WAITING to be in for a year and a half now.

8 Things on my wish list:
1. I wish that i didnt have to stuggle with money
2. I wish that I fall into a great career that i love (Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, and Art)
3. That ill some how know how to look for a job/internships pretty soon
4. Win the lottery
5. Daniel to just say an entire sentence telling all his Dr's who doubted him to go "F*$! themselfs"
6. That everyone I known to be happy and successful
7. The economy to pick up
8. ...And to have the ABR Therapy to compleatly work for Daniel and to finally let him be a 3 year old boy-

:) Dont take my words the wrong way i mean it all well- and honest.

love Brittany

Justinich Family said...

Thanks for participating Melanie.