Sunday, September 7, 2008

A So Non-Eventful Weekend

Talk about a lazy do nothing weekend. I know most people love this type of weekend, I on the other hand dislike them. I always think "OK, lets just relax this weekend", then the guilt sets in.
I and everyone around me must be doing something at all points in time. This is ONE of my many flaws (according to people close to me!)

We did pick up bottles from our mini bottle drive that we had for the 3 day breast cancer walk.
The date for the walk is quickly approaching (September 27 - 29) and I still haven't been able to raise the $2200.00 that I need to raise to actually be able to walk. I am still hoping that I am able to raise the money so I can walk with my sisters in honor of my mom who passed away this past November from fighting breast cancer for 20+ years. She was one hell of a fighter....and I know where Daniel got his drive from. Neither of them go down without a fight. She fought long and hard, and unfortunately lost in the end. But not until she was really ready did she say OK...enough is enough, and she let go to join my dad again. Anyways-- I am hoping to be able to join my sisters, walk, raise money for a wonderful cause, and bond with my sisters (or or the other!)
If you'd like to donate, or know someone you think might - please follow this link and select my name (or someone else on my team if you so desire!:? )

Now here is the part that I tend to always feel guilty for - we watched a movie. My sister has been trying to get to me to watch her favorite movie and I have put it off for months! So we finally watched it. Mr. Hollands Opus Good movie! I cried a little but was able to hide it! :) So glad my sister continued to ask me if I'd watched it yet!

The same sister above also recruited me this weekend into helping her make "crowns". Yes you heard me, we have been cutting and sewing by hand 10 little felt crowns. My nephew (her son) is a teacher our of state, and he requested that she make them for each of his students. He teaches at a Waldorf school, and his class is small...each student will wear a crown during writing time to make them sit up tall and help them with correct posture. He's very creative with ideas eh?!?! When we get all done I'll post a photo on here, they are actually very cute. Daniel loves walking around in his pony walker with one on!! They would be awesome for so many different hats, special day crowns, dress up, Halloween....Oh I could go on and on!

How its Sunday night, and I am sitting here thinking of all the things I SHOULD have done this weekend and didn't do. Like get all of Daniel's clothes set out for the week for preschool (UUUGH PRESCHOOL!) cook dinners for the week. Clean the house more, including doing laundry. Should have weeded also! Heck the list is so long....I could type it up and I wouldn't be done for another hour!

Oh yeah, and I cleaned out the refrigerator!~ How's that for a fun weekend!


Anonymous said...

eh i want some crowns please! not for me but for my class too! it would be great for dress up... thanks. xoxoxo

Melissa said...

Sometimes you just need a weekend like that! On most Sunday's the boys and I just watch movies. It is a nice quiet time.

They just got "Elmo In Grouchland" and I have never heard the kids laugh so hard. They loved it. Since Daniel loves Elmo so much, he probably would too.

Don't feel guilty, things always get done.

Justinich Family said...

I agree with Melissa, we all need a weekend here and there to just relax.