Monday, September 8, 2008

Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation (ABR)

We have been talking about alternative therapies for the past couple of months. Well we have decided as I have probably said before that we are going to go to Montreal in October for a week. This will include the evaluation by Mr. Leonid Blyum.
There is no turning back, the deposit has been sent in.....if we don't go we lose a lot of money because it is non-refundable.

I am very very excited about this but extremely nervous too. I think I pretty much know the stuff about Daniel, but I always get a knot in my stomach. What if he looks at Daniel and says he can't be helped? UGH! I don't think he will, but there is always the chance. ANOTHER ONE OF MY FLAWS....I am told I always think the worst! But really what it is is I like to prepare myself for the "what if's". I always worry about things that haven't' happened yet. I suffer from the "what if" syndrome!

Some other parents that we know in the cyber world are also going to be attending at the same time. I am also excited to meet them and the children that I feel we already know! The ones that I know are going for sure are located at the following blogs. (if you're not listed and you're going please let me know and I would love to add you to the blogroll)

Erin & Fletcher
Marcela & Nathan
Jennifer & Tyse (care page name: Tyse)
Katy & Charlie
Susan & Noah
Jessica & Paxson
Eugenia & Matthew

Successfully doing ABR and seeing great results: Jacqui & Moo
She has helped me so much with answering all my questions! Thanks a ton Jacqui!

I am sure come the end of October we will all be posting about how ABR is going and what are likes and dislikes are. And of course give it a little while and I am sure we will be posting of our success in helping our children get stronger.

From the ABR site, it states:

ABR biomechanical reconstruction of the musculoskeletal system follows the path of normal motor development - starting from the neck and trunk and later descending to the periphery (arms and legs).

ABR provides planned progress of the musculoskeletal structure and function through predictable stages. Results are predicted in numbers of hours of exercises done and changes in the alignment, mobility, size, tone and strength of the child's body – specifically in the chest, abdomen and the pelvis.

These are the exact areas that Daniel needs help in. His trunk is his main issue. When he had the infantile spasms when he was younger he lost his ability to hold his head up. Since then with many many hours of PT, he is now able to hold his head up. There is still weakness, and his neck tires easily but it is notable better than it was. This will be one of the first areas that we work on and I can't wait to see results. His trunk...gosh once his trunk gets stronger I just feel it, everything will click together. It will be like someone flipped a switch and he'll be able to walk. Yes I am sure he will always need a walker of some sort, posture, or walking canes...whatever it may be. He will be able to explore so much more. He will have so many more opportunities. I cannot wait. And if he isn't able to walk least it will strengthen his trunk and his arms will be able to work better, he will be able to sit up longer, which will give him another world of opportunities.

Needless to say, we are very excited about the whole adventure. We are so thankful that we are given the chance to get Daniel involved in this. Words cannot express......


Nelba said...

I'm so glad you are going to do ABR. I don't think there is a child that would not benefit from it.

jamie said...

good luck! i can't wait to hear how it went.