Monday, March 17, 2008

U of M Dance Marathon 2007-2008

This weekend we spent in Ann Arbor rooting on our Dance Team.
Unfortunately a couple of the members of the dance team "CC" got sick the day of the event and another had a death in the family and were unable to make it.
Let me explain to you exactly what the Dance Marathon is.

College students from U of M sign up to participate and each member has to raise at least $300 each. There are hundreds of kids that do this event. The money that they raise goes to two different pediatric therapy of them being Beaumont Therapy which is where Daniel goes. It helps to fund the summer programs and events that Beaumont puts on for all the kids, that insurances don't generally pay for.

Here is one of the dancers "gettin' her groove on" with Daniel, and boy o' boy he was loving the attention!

So throughout the year, the UMDM group puts on different events to raise money and for the "dance families". Being a Dance Family means you have a child that is in therapy and you go to lend moral support to the dances of the team you are assigned to. This year they raised over $428,000 to help the kids. It is an awesome event. It lasts 30 hours and the kids cannot sit or sleep for the entire time. They have activities and line dances and many different things to keep they awake (aside from the LOUD music!) It is a very cool thing to be involved with, they involve the whole family, not just the therapy child.

Here is a photo of Daniel and Victoria in the "family" tent at the marathon....I absolutely LOVE this picture, and yes to the other families in the tent.......I do have very beautiful kids!!Very cool, it was our first year doing this, but in a heart beat I would do it it was a nice weekend away.

Here is Daniel and Tori getting ready for the pool at the hotel. (I love Daniel's expression here!)


Anonymous said...

aww those photos are great! :)

Anonymous said...

Daniel looks so adorable in his swimming trunks-


love B

Jacolyn said...

You're do have beautiful kids!