Friday, March 14, 2008


Alrighty then.....let it be known right now, from here on out, until the end of time, till God takes me from this earth........BUGS ARE NOT MY THING!! I am a girly girl, true blue! I have recruited Lonnie into taking the photos of the "beautiful butterfly" transition.(my a$$!)
It takes everything in me to let this sealed cup stay in the house. I walk in the room where it's stationed and I shiver. So, for those of you who also are totally sickened by bugs.....don't look at the photos that follow. Now, Daniel on the other hand, likes this "thing" and when we tell him to say bye bye so that I can immediately seal the cap again, he cries. He likes to see it wiggle and move around. Whereas, I am trying not to do the "heebie-jeebie" dance and fling it across the room! (For those of you who don't know exactly what the "heebie-jeebie" dance is.....we'll try to document it at a later date, its very amusing!)

So, I am sad to say that one of our caterpillars did not survive. Perhaps the huge thing that remains living in there ate him. I am not sure.

Below: Day Four (Tuesday)

Day Six: (Thursday). We didn't get a photo on Wednesday because I forgot to remind Lonnie to do it (either that or American Idol was on, and in our world......nothing interrupts American Idol!) Please Note: The bigger one is lining itself up to eat the other dead one!
Day Seven: (Friday). We have had it for exact 7 days and NO we did not zoom in on it with the camera to make it look bigger! The first of these photos I took with Lonnie holding the cup. He felt the picture wasn't focused enough to actually see the gross fuzziness and the teeth on Mr. Caterpillar, so I steadied myself and held the cup while he took the photo. This is when we should have documented the "heebie-jeebie" dance in action, but I hate my photo being taken let alone while dancing around trying to wipe the grossness off my hands. I am still trying to erase the mental distress that I actually was mere inches from this bug, and it wasn't locked in the cup.

But I have to admit, you can really see how much it has grown in the second photo. That is one big frickin' wormy thing! So, for those of you who are actually looking at the photos, kudos to Lonnie for the fine photography!


There will be no photo on Day 8, as we will be going to the U of M Dance Marathon kick off on Saturday. Our dance team (Team CC) along with many other college kids will be dancing for 30 hours straight to raise monies for the Beaumont Pediatric Therapy in which Daniel visits almost daily for his therapy. Daniel is the poster child for Team CC, and is going to keep the kids on our team motivated! Plus its a weekend away in a hotel with a pool......and how much fun it that?!?!

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Melissa said...

OMG!!! That thing is HUGE! You're are a good Mom, because that would never be allowed in my house :)