Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh Flutterby.......where are you?!!

ok so I promised to show you the progression of the caterpillar to the butterfly. (Hopefully they will make it!) One is looking a little sickly so I am not sure if we'll have one or two to release. The first picture is the box which will house the flutterby when he is born.
Below: Here is what the caterpillars look like on Day One. The stuff that looks like sand is actually their food, and they will stay in this little cup until they start their cocoons.

Below: Here is Day Two (Have I told you before I HATE bugs of all kinds?!)

Below: Day Three-- You can tell one is thriving....the other one might just be dead, we're not sure. See how quickly the other one is growing? and we're only on day three

So that is what we have so far on our Flutterby exhibit at Daniel's House of Butterflies.
When I was pregnant with Daniel and we found out I was having a boy, I was worried. Heck my mother was worried for me! She even said "You don't handle boys well". What she meant by this is in general I don't like dirt, I don't like dirty grubby little boys who talk back, who like bugs who eat dirt and boogers. Remember up until this time I had 4 little girls.....I don't do "boys"! LOL, my my how times have changed. Now mind you I don't particularly LIKE bugs, but for Daniel, I will tolerate the bugs, I will tolerate the boogery noses, the dirty hands, the farting and laughing and the burping and the rating of the burp!

Welcome to the world of Daniel!

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C said...

Man are you brave. I remember the first time I nearly stepped on a giant plastic bug that my oldest had left out. He was only about a year and a half. We lived in an area with big cockroaches. I am not a bug person.

That night I gave myself a stern chat about what I'd be doing: getting over it. (hardee har har) I've developed a "face" that probably doesn't fake 'em out at all, but I didn't do anything horrible when he brought me a *part* of a worm a couple of years later. (I'm still patting myself on the back a little for that one.)

You're very, very brave. (shudder) The things we do for our offspring...