Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is It Considered A Butterfly Yet??!

Can't even put words to describe the grossness of our butterfly journey.

Amazing and yet so gross.......

If you are a bug person.....you'll like the photo.

So We left Saturday for the Dance Marathon and came home to find.....no more caterpillar, but this thing....the cocoon. Don't ask me what all the bumpys are that are on the cocoon. I have no clue. It is suppose to be in this stage for up to 10 days.....we'll see if we can document the actual "hatching" of the butterfly, now that might be kind of cool!


Jacolyn said...

I think it is so neat you are doing the butterfly thing!

Hey, dance your booty off :)

Jacolyn said...

oops, read this one before the one about the marathon...now I get it! dance your booty off anyway :)

Anonymous said...

i collect bugs. the pupae has bumps for protection. in the wild they look like thorns to keep other animals from getting near it or eating it.