Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring...

Its the first day of spring today,


............and it is cold.

Tomorrow its suppose to snow again 5-7 inches

and all of my annual plants are poking through the ground!

so far........SPRING SUCKS!!!

Daniel went to a new doctor today. This doctor is the one who will be overseeing all of Daniel's needs for treatments, equipment and so on. And all I can say is......I LIKE HIM!!
He ran late (but what doctor doesn't?) but he gave me as much time as I wanted, he talked to me about many options for things for Daniel in the future, what my plans were for Daniel.
AND best yet......he TALKED to Daniel.....he asked him questions, he WAITED for answers or reactions, and he told Daniel......."Dude, we are going to have a fun time together, you just wait and see!"
I can say that there is nothing worse than a doctor talking and acting like Daniel doesn't even exist on my lap. He told me that he can see in Daniel's eyes and his face that he understands, that he is cognitively ok. And he told me that we will do what we can to get Daniel's body to work for him. It might not be the typical way a person does it, but it will get done. He gave me advise on things that no one has talked about before, gave his opinion, but then said, I also suggest you research and get your own opinion and then we can discuss the pros and cons. He said he never tells a parent NO, he says; "well I believe this, but why don't you tell me why you think it would work." So I am glad to hear that. All in all, he was with us for quite a while and I left there feeling good about our next visit in 3 months.
The doctor also said that we as parents were doing a good job, and its nice to have that acknowledgement every once in a while instead of the doctor looking at you like you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Nice guy! and Daniel thought so too......and he knows best! ;)


C said...

Hurray!! I'm always glad to hear about good medical people. :o)

Anonymous said...

We have a doctor like this too. He is a Rehabilitation Specialist and is the head doctor at the CP Clinic I take my son to in Madison, WI. Anyway, I agree that it is SUCH a relief to have a doctor like this who actually treats our children like an actual person! And he takes his time to know everything about cerebral palsy and any form of treatment out there today. I know your happiness and am glad to hear that there are other doctors out there just like our favorite doctor. ...Amy