Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Easter......

and there is snow outside ........ and that sucks!

I remember when I was growing up that it was always nice outside. A little chilly maybe, but nothing but a lightweight sweater would be needed. Crap now we have to get out the parkas, scarf, hat and mittens! I am soooo tired of winter.

Anyways.......Hope everyone has a good Easter (if you do indeed celebrate it!)

If not.....I wish you a good day then! ;)

and please ignore the photo of the Easter Bunny!

Update on the butterfly experiment: We are still in cocoon status, hanging from the box top. No movement yet, and even though I am grossed out by the thought of it, I can't wait to see if come out of the cocoon. I am waiting anxiously with camera in hand hoping to caught the birth of it on video. I feel kind of like an expectant mother waiting to give birth! LOL...... It should be any day now.....they say ("they" being the Internet) that it is in this stage for 7-10 days. Today is 7 days.....

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