Friday, January 4, 2008


January 24th is the day of Daniel's surgery. Pray everything goes right and that him coming out of the anaesthesia doesn't induce seizures. Honestly I can't wait to get the surgery to see if it actually helps with the styes. I am so tired of his eye being crusty and boogery and a huge lump on his eye lid. I am also secretly hoping I don't have to do anymore boogerectomies!!

The only thing is I do have concerns because Daniel already chokes on his saliva because of his BPP (Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria). I am hoping that when opening up the passage way to give more drainage that this does not increase Daniel's choking. Nothing is quite as exciting as driving down the expressway and seeing your son choke in the car seat and you have to pull over to a dead stop in seconds and whip him out of the car seat and start beating him on the back. Oh yeah, those are the days! The excitement never stops! Talk about getting your heart racing!

Talking about being in the hospital and surgeries and stuff. I read about a little boy, and his parents belong to a yahoo support group that I also belong too. Anyhow, this little boy, one of the cutest little boys that I have seen around the web! He is very sick right now, so any one who can give the extra prayers and support would be great, and I'd really appreciate it. Ryan has his unfair share of medical issues. So say a little prayer.

thank you.

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Jacolyn said...

Oh gosh Mel! I didn't realize Daniel was having surgery! I'm so in my own little world right now. Please remind me as it gets closer. I want to pray for sweet Daniel during his surgery.