Saturday, December 8, 2007

Back-Up Your Hard Drive!!

For those of you who believe that YOUR hard drive will never fail, do yourself a favor and back-up your data every so often.

As you know, Melanie is usually the one writing most of the posts. Me you ask? Well, you see, I am in charge of making sure all the computers are functioning the way they should. Well, let me least functioning. So, when something stops functioning, I am usually the one saying things like...

"WHY did you do that!?"
"You should have done THIS!"
and who can forget, "Why didn't you save!?"

Well, guess who's hard drive took a dump today? Yep. Oh let's see, all documents and hundreds of pictures from the past, ohh...two years or so....gone. Why? Because genius here hasn't been backing up his data. PLEASE do yourselves a favor and do so!

I am getting a well deserved beating.

Here's to an early Christmas miracle and me finding someone to recover my files.


Anonymous said...

mom take your computer to geek squad and for a $100 (i know not cheap but worth it) they will fix your computer and you will have everything back, pictures and all.
a girl at work was just telling me she had to do that.

Melanie said...

Thank You we will look into that.
Can't imagine how heartbroken I am that ALL, I mean ALL photos from family and all of Daniel's progress were on the computer. For whatever reason, you just never think its going to happen and WHAM....they are gone. Very very bummed out. So anyonw with suggestions, let us know!

Sammie said...

that happened to me in April this year, I lost 3 YEARS of pictures! Got most of them back, you can buy a program to retrieve them for you, Geek Squads price was too high for me! Google a program called Recover My Files.... I got most of them back but don't know the dates for them anymore.... i also bought an external hard drive to keep everything like that on!

Jacolyn said...

Oh NO!! But you can get some stuff from your blog, can't you? Abe keeping telling me to back up...who has time!!