Monday, November 26, 2007

May I have another, please........

Oh I didn't realize how much I missed days like today. It has been so long, and I mean MONTHS since I've had the house to just Daniel and I. FOR THE WHOLE DAY!
Before my daughter Alex moved home, Daniel and I would be by ourselves throughout the day.
Alex moved home and she has been with us pretty much all the time since. Don't' get me wrong, I love Alex to death and I love my grandson to pieces..................but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a nice, quiet house. An uninterrupted day.

It was a Daniel and Momma Day to the Maximum!
And he knew it too! We both sucked it up! We only had one therapy session today so it was a very laid back kind of day, no work, no big time schedule. I made a few phone calls in the morning, but from then on it was just Daniel and me.

I know it sounds silly, but gosh it was nice, he was a snuggle bug today, we laid on the floor and played and he scooted himself over to me and I put him on my chest and he just laid there and cuddled for the longest time. I can't tell you when the last time was that we did this. Isn't that sad? That life gets so fast that you don't even have the time to cuddle for periods longer than 2 minutes?

Well then it came time for nap time, usually I just put him down and then run to clean or make important phone calls but instead I just laid with Daniel in my bed, him sleeping and me watching him. Just as I was starting to fall asleep next to him ......WHAM!! A fist to my forehead.....Daniel was awake and wanting my attention......what a nice way to be woken up eh?!

Here's how the conversation went: (remember Daniel is non-verbal!

Me: Well Good Afternoon Daniel......did you want something?
D: eeeem
Me: Oh really??!? (raised eyebrows) You don't say?!?!
D: eeeeeem ahhhh emm
Me: Oh, OK........are you sure?!?! (grinning)
D: (laughing) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Me: Here comes the tickle monster...............aaaaaaaaaaaah (proceed to tickle the crap out of Daniel!)
D: ARRRGH! (Laughing uncontrollably until he gets the hiccups!)
I Loved it! I could have stayed there all day but therapy calls, so we get up and get ready for therapy. Drive all the way to therapy and its raining and snowing.YUCK!!! I hate snow and I hate it even more when I have to drive in it.

The whole way to therapy (about a 40 minute drive) Daniel is gibber jabbering all the way.
We did our thing at therapy, and he did really well. By the time we left therapy there was some snow stuck to the ground which of course made driving oh so fun! But before we left I ran Daniel around the car and he just held his face up to the sky and the big fat snowflakes were landing on his face and eyelashes......he though this was the best. More uncontrollable giggles.
So we drove right back home and onto the big bed and played some more, wrestled on the bed, more giggles and did absolutely NOTHING that I "should" have been doing!

All in all it was a wonderful day just Daniel and I chillin'. I think he knew exactly what I needed. This was Daniel's way of taking care of his mommy. And he did an damn good job at it too......I'll take another one of those days real soon. He knew that I needed some lovin' and he knew I was close to a breakdown with everything that has been happening lately.

So thank you Daniel, for being my "little" big boy!
Here are some photos to show how nice our day went. The last one is of Daniel coming in for a big ol' kiss (we don't know how to do pucker lips yet!). I love you Daniel John-Maxwell, and I am thankful for having you.


Melissa said...

He is so darn cute!! I love days like those too. Although I don't get them very often but they are nice. I also love the laughing until they get the hiccups. My boys all do that too and it cracks me up every time!

Anonymous said...

i love him!

Melanie said...

Dear Anonymous....

Me too!! :)

Shannon said...

I have goosebumps from reading this post!!! What an awesome day that you had and looks like Daniel had a great time too!

I totally understand what you are saying about having the house to yourself....times like this just seem too far and few between.

He is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...


i miss those days :[

ill be home for a month pretty soon.

you will love it.


Lonnie said...

thanks for the warning brit...
Lord help us all.

Jacolyn said...

Sounds like a great day! What a cutie!!

ummmhello said...

Seems like it was quite a soul soothing day - for both of you! :) What a cutie pie, I'm sure he steals hearts everywhere.