Sunday, November 25, 2007

What? Huh?? Where did this week go?!

OK, I'm getting old, or time is just flying by and I can't tell you anything that has happened.
If someone held a gun to my head and said list 10 things you did this past week, I really don't think I could, without sitting there for a while trying to figure it out. And by then he would have shoot me!
OK I know that we had the family over for Thanksgiving dinner. That was a hoot. It was difficult this year, as it was the first time without my mom. So there was no one to call and say, "hey, how long do I put the turkey in for and at what time do I start the mashed taters?!!", or no one to laugh at me when I would have been reaching INSIDE the turkey to pull out that bag of unidentified gross things. Can anyone answer me WHY do they keep that inside?!?! What is the purpose?!

Anyhow we survived it but it was missing a very important person. Here are some photos from Thanksgiving, keep in mind we are missing about 28 people from the family as they break off and have their immediate family for thanksgiving (2 brothers and 1 sister & their families) Can you imagine how long of a table we'd need then!

The first if Daniel mimicking Uncle Mike with his cool shades, the 2nd is the family getting ready for food, and the 3rd is Victoria tickling "Moose" our dogs ears as he is standing on a chair.
Daniel still has a bit of a cold, but he is still a happy little guy, boogers and all! Here are some additional photos of him this week. Even though he doesn't feel all that well, he is still a trooper and does all of his stretches, and work/play that he needs to do each day. Check it out. We got a new camera because I drop-kicked mine across the we are still working on the focusing factor!!

Daniel Chillin' Daniel w/his touch screen
I think that about sums it up for this week. I hate the holidays.......but what am I thankful for?!
OK I'll say it.....................MY FAMILY. I AM THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY.
Stay tune for more photos and some of Tori playing basketball too!!

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miss you guys!!