Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rainbow Connection - Non-Profit Michigan Charity

Well a few weeks back I received a call from this place called Rainbow Connection. Never heard of it before, actually I thought it was a show on television with Lamar Burton (the name of the show is actually Reading Rainbow!) HA HA HA, two totally different things! That was my duh! moment!

Anyways, this very nice lady named Ingrid, asked us if Daniel had ever been granted a wish. Odd question I thought but I answered. She then explained the organization to me and said that there was some people that had asked that Daniel get a wish granted. You can imagine the tears that came. That someone would be so kind as to 1) remember Daniel 2) take time to contact this organization 3) explain what was wrong with Daniel and forward his website to Rainbow Connection 4) to actively follow up with Ingrid to see that Daniel was taken care of.

Well we answered a few questions and she took down some information and said she get back in touch with us. Well Ingrid came to visit today, and Daniel will be awarded his wish. What does a two year old wish for?! It is not something we have to do right away, we have time to think about it, and see what would be best for Daniel. A lot of children pick the trip to Disney or to meet someone famous. I don't' think that Daniel would be very interested in that stuff right now. Now mind you a trip sounds awesome, but this is for Daniel and I want to make sure he enjoys what he gets. So some thinking will have to be done.

It is my understanding that Daniel received his sponsorship from The Great Lakes Southeast Michigan Chapter of the Harley Owners Group. It was someone from this group that came to Daniels first fund raiser in February of this year. Whoever that individual is, and to the whole group, if any of you are reading this.....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you'd like to read more about them here is their site.


C said...

Hip, hip hooray! How exciting. :o)

Anonymous said...

Ask for an addition on the house! Woo what a good idea! Or you could ask for an infinite amount of trips to the zoo, Daniel and I would love that!

hahahaha- caitlin

Billie said...

How about a WizzyBug? Can he wish for something like that?

Melanie said...

oooooooh a WizzyBug, now thats a good idea!